Saturday, September 1, 2012

Kazima Lament: Black Clay Forest pt1.

Circa; The Aftermath of the Last Great Ninja War
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13
Location: Unknown (presumably the Black Clay Forest)

                “What?” groaning before sitting up against the large rock behind me. Carefully I look around, and then it became clear to me why I was asleep on the earth. Not far from where I laid and now sat up was an entrance to a cave that I was in. Outside the cave’s entrance sheets of rain poured from the sky. Cool wind swept into the cave and brought forth shivers and coldness to my bones.
                Removing my sandals and my jacket and it’s under shirt I ventured out of the cave and started to gather firewood.  Where am I? I picked up bundles of sticks and logs, as many as I could in the cold pouring rain before clambering back into the black walled cave.  “How did it go again?” I stacked some of the sticks and large pieces together and kept several others off to the side. Performing hand seals I then held my two hands out and pushed forth energy from inside until a small swirl of both air and flame were produced between my hands. The wind and fire coursed over the stack of wood until it started to catch fire.
                Huddling against the rock I fell to sleep again, now warm by the fire. I felt safe… despite being lost and unsure where home may lie. Rest is what I needed. Rest…

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