Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kazima Lament: Sunaomo pt.2

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka/Tenzo Hoga/ Yumena Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25/??/29
Location:  Sunaomo no Sato pt.2

“Really, she’s your older sister!?” Hatsumi sputtered out as Zeff’s sister eyed up Hatsumi across the room. “I mean she’s so much more attractive than what I imagine from your stories. And how is it she looks as young as you Zeff-sama?” Hatsumi tugs on Zeff’s shirt again as Zeff’s sister smiles in turn.
Zeff rubbed his forehead as his gaze fell down at the desk.  “Yumena Taka; she is no less innocent then you are.” Zeff pokes Hatsumi on her nose.
Hatsumi frowns and continues to stare at Yumena.
Yumena smiles then diverts her attention. “I am sorry Tenzo-sama of the Hoga of Sunaomo; Zenju-sama couldn’t make it. We were ambushed shortly after leaving Takane. Most likely from the revolutionary group but we can’t be too certain. We decided it would be safer if Zenju remained in Takane so we came in his stead.” Yumena softly bowed.
“How fortunate you were ambushed.” I softly said glaring at the Taka’s across the room as I clenched my unseen hand.

“What was that whelp?” The man beside Yumena stood up. Tenzo stood up as well and held his hand up at the male. The Taka stepped down and sat back glaring at me.
“I simply meant that it was fortunate that the ambush took place close to Takane and not between here and there.” I looked off to the side.

                “That’s very true Zeff, if it had happened in between it would have made it that much difficult to defend and leave you more open to more ambushes.” Tenzo spoke in and sat back down.
                “Regardless of how fortunate or unfortunate it was Zenju couldn’t come but we are still here on his behalf. I hope dear brother you will see me as an adequate envoy on behalf of the Taka’s of Takane.” Yumena glared at me then softly smiled which sent a chill down my spine.  Her attention went back to Tenzo.
“Tenzo-sama, to business… we are here to gain the assistance of the Hoga’s and its allies in stopping the revolutionary group that’s been acting in the shadows and trying to stir up war in an age of peace. We want you to stand beside us and our allies once more should war break out; allies that include the Kazima’s.”
“The Taka’s of Takane and its allies of course have us as partners and allies in this cause however I cannot speak for the Kazima’s. The other Allied nations to Sunaomo will likely side with us and therefore you. Kazima’s however are under Zeff’s control.”
“I see, well we will be happy to have you once more as allies. As for the Kazima’s” Yumena returned her attention to me. “Don’t you wish it was like the past dear brother?”
Yumena’s cheerful disposition quickly faded as she went mute and glared at me. “Still a child; then as leader of the Kazima in this time of uncertainty can you grow up and least help us. There are some in Takane that wish to be friendly and make up for what negatives have happened in the past.”  Yukari cheered up, as Hataya glared and bite his lip in anger. “That is some; others would love to have you as an enemy so chose wisely, little brother. What is it going to be will you help us? Will you be neutral or will you help them and be our enemies.”
I thought quietly before the female aid from before ran in bowing and hurrying across the room to quietly speak to the female aid on Tenzo’s left before leaving just as quickly as she came. The aid that remained then spoke quietly to Tenzo.
                “Zeff you have to choose quickly; as war is upon us already so it seems. Takane Village has been attacked.”
                “Attacked! What do you mean!?” The man next to Yumena stood up, as the others were shocked and worried. Yumena was the only one who remained calmed on the Taka’s side. I watched half amused at their reactions and yet a slight uneasiness settled in my stomach.
                Yumena pulled the man down and looked at me. “Zeff of the Kazima; Even the great village of Takane needs help from time to time. Tenzo has spoken of how you and yours have the power to tip the balance to any side. Please we beg you on behalf of all the villages and its villagers that you will help us. Unfortunately we must leave now. I hope you will give us an answer soon. Yumena stood up and dragged the others out quickly after bowing to both Tenzo and I.
                The room went quiet as Hatsumi clinged to me.
                “So what are you going to do Zeff?” Tenzo nodded to his aid after she whispered to him and she took off.
                “Zeff-sama… I think we should help them your sister seemed to be honest before she left. Regardless of what happened when you were younger they are family, in some sort of sense anyways…at least you have them. I don’t have any family other than you…“ Hatsumi clinged more as I stared at the table.
                I hate them… they all deserve to die so why can’t I just refuse to help

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