Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Feathers in Space Poem

In the darkness of space.
I will not remain alone.
I will be found.
My Master will return to me.
He has not left me all alone.

What does it matter?
We were only made to be puppets.
He never loved me.
He never loved you, so why should we care?
 Whether he ever shows…

You’re so wrong…
He treasured me, he treasured you
Surely you can tell.
Forgotten; long by these people.
Names to hold our own, left them for us from him.

Whether not he comes, doesn’t matter.
In the darkness I toil, for what?
Left in their care only to be used as slaves
Cherished objects,
Still souls never existed in our hands.

Burdens are we filled with.
He left us in his prime, but Master will return…
Let us guide these people to the light.
Master would recall us to share in that peace.
His voice to be heard above the roar of war.

Only in death, may they only understand.
The Void;
Only by betraying their ideals will they know.
Their true image.

Life goes on and the birds sing in the trees.
Master will return, I truly believe so.
Iara, you were always required for the sky.
Making the clouds.
Master always truly adored.

He will return, to us.
He still lives locked inside himself.
In a turmoil filled hell.
Lost in his own body.
He’ll return to protect the down trodden.

I’ll agree with you for now.
Only to wait longer and steel my gaze upon the sky.
Waiting for him.
To find the answers for myself…