Friday, October 26, 2012

TFoTT: Part 7

“The Principality of Aire was once believed to be larger than the Kingdom of Nilam. Lore within one of the older Kingdom states of Aire recalls a land to the south east that was once attached. No Such land has been found it has be hypothesized that the ocean swallowed the land whole or that it detached and started drifting into the Ocean following currents.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (499).

Sho takes a sip from his mug. “So are we really off duty till after the tournament?”

“Yes we are, though we are suspended it comes with pay and we still hold our ranks it’s just unless something happens were off duty. We are to not participate in daily tasks and regular duties it isn’t all that bad Sho.”

“What will I do if I can’t fulfill my duties as a  Castle guard.” Sho’s eyes widen before he sighs.

“Relax a little, have some fun. You know the festival is about to start. It’s not well to always stress over your status, your rank, your duty… As a friend you take every little thing too seriously. Be more like your father, he took everything in stride and always knew when to relax and have fun and when to be serious. While I am on that subject you always treat your knights and soldiers as if where at war. Of which were not. Learn to lighten up.” Zelm crosses his arms and peers at Sho.


Zelm rolls his eyes. “Sho did you hear a word I said other than about your father?”

Sho nods and looks at Zelm.

“Look your father would want you to train for this tournament as well as rest and relax a little you have done a fine job up until this point. That is something I admired about your father he was always laughing even in the face of defeat, it wasn’t until he had to get serious that he did so. Be like your father Sho.”

“Admirable, I’ll never be half as great as my father…”

Zelm rolled his eyes again. “You’re right you won’t be if you’re always so doom and gloom, and stressing seriousness on every little thing. Be more like your father… seesh”

“I can’t.” Sho looks down at the table into his half drank mug.

“Are you so certain?”

“Yes I am, he was the first and only in my family to become both the Captain of the Castle Guard and a Knight General, and my family has a long line of being knights, and captains and other middle rank soldiers but not Knight General!”

“Ah, so you are always serious to try and prove yourself worthy of being the son of your father.” Zelm gulps down his mug as he looks at his old friend. “So you think you’d never be worthy of becoming a Knight General like your father…”

“That goes without saying, not worthy, not skilled or learned enough and certainly not accomplished enough either; not like him.”

“Now I know I can call that one, not accomplished enough? You are the youngest Captain of the Castle Guard, one of the Youngest Knights, successfully stopped both an assassination and a coup. Not to mention you won second in the last tournament that left thirteen people dead… And beyond that you have two best friends that are equally accomplished and revered and even more people that surround you that believe in you. So I don’t want to hear any more whining…”

Both Sho and Zelm raise their hand up for another round in the now packed Blue Moon.


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