Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.4

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Mayu / Zeff / Raito Wakahisa/ Hatsumi Kimura   
Age: ?/23/19/18
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

                “So I have decided against helping them. After all I loathe them and their kin.” Zeff clenched his fist before spinning around to see Mayu and Raito.
                “You know I don’t think that acceptable Zeff, you promised to keep your oath to me and I say you’re going to help them.” Lady Mayu crosses her arms as she stares down Zeff.
                “Zeff-sama don’t be unreasonable, it’s true you have a promise to keep to Lady Mayu so why don’t you keep it and then if later in time you can enact revenge yourself! There is nothing better than building an enemy up only to tear them down later.” Raito interject only to get a frown from both Zeff and Lady Mayu… “No? That wouldn’t work?”

“Not for me all though I would love to wipe the world of their smirking ignorant faces, doing that would only justify their actions in the past. They would say: ‘We always knew this would happen, that’s why we always looked at Zeff with disdain and mistrust’.”
“So then why Zeff can you not just help them? Be the bigger man here and come to their aid and prove them wrong. Isn’t that what you wanted in the past? Just a chance-“
“Enough, I made my decision.”
Lady Mayu huffs and straightens her arms out. “And I said that won’t do.”
“A discussion within the Kazima’s and why was I left out!” A younger girl with mostly teal hair comes running out from a door and stands next to Zeff. “I heard raised voices so I thought I’d investigate.” Hatsumi smiles lightly.
“This doesn’t concern you Hatsumi; go back to your studies…” Raito again interjected.
“Why don’t you go back to being a loser, …too late you never stopped! So shut your face I have every right to be included!” Hatsumi clenched her fists and then slammed them to her sides as her face flustered. Both Lady Mayu and Zeff sighed.
“Look Zeff, if you help them I will consider your Oath fulfilled in full and will leave you and yours alone.” Hatsumi and Raito look back and forth at Lady Mayu and Zeff.
“That’s not likely Lady Mayu that you’d just leave us here alone.” Zeff crosses his arms and thinks for a minute.  “They are meeting somewhere with me if I accept at least that’s what was said in the past so I have to take that is truth, since everything else that was said was well true even if only to a point.”
“Whatever you decide we will do Zeff-sama! You’re our leader.” Hatsumi happily jumps in to the air.
“Child” Raito murmurs before looking to the side.
“What was that! Come over here and say it to my face jerk!”  Hatsumi pulled her hands up in a guarded boxing stance.
“Raito, stop teasing Hatsumi” Zeff narrowed his eyes at Raito as he brushes Hatsumi’s hair. Hatsumi scooted closer to Zeff and stuck her tongue out at Raito. “And you Hatsumi should be acting more your age and less like a kid, regardless of how adorable it is.”
“Awe… yes Zeff-sama.” Hatsumi bowed followed by Raito bowing without a word.
Lady Mayu shook her head, “So you are going?”
“Yes but I am still undecided as to whether I will help. I will listen to the village elders and then decide, or is that not acceptable enough Lady Mayu?”
Lady Mayu nodded “Who will go with you?”
“Just Hatsumi, I would have liked it if Ayame had returned and would have been able to come with us but Hatsumi’s ability to send messages faster than me can come in handy.”
“Ayame is not a Kazima why would she have gone?” Raito looks at Zeff.
“Because she’s a healer and she likes to help people. It’s simple as that.” Zeff nodded. “Come Hatsumi, we will wait at the gate.” Hatsumi nods and bounces happily behind him.
“Lady Mayu is this okay?” Raito looked to her.
“Despite her looks and how she acts Hatsumi is a capable fighter, and Zeff is right her ability allows her to send messages faster than he can. She would throw down her life to protect him, and since she is one of us, he’d do the same.”
“Should I follow them in case of trouble or ambush?”
“Of course not, but be ready at a moment’s notice should you need to mobilize to their call…”
“Yes of course at once Lady Mayu. I’ll prepare now”

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