Friday, July 26, 2013

Dear Hinata... Poem

Dear Hinata…
B.T. Smith 2013

In time…
I’ll be there to guide…
And when I look up into the sky…
I still see you through my eye.

In time, though I know you’re shy.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Kazima Lament: Beeru no Mori pt.4

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima/ Hatsumi Kimura/
Age: 23/18
Location:  Beeru no Mori pt.4

Hatsumi’s face forms up from a pool of ink on the side of a tree. “Zeff-Sama let me help you. You’re using too much of your Blood.”
“Hatsumi, stay hidden. Remain where you can’t be seen you need to focus on getting the message delivered.” Zeff clenches his hands together and lets out a small noise of pain as the Ketsueki symbol starts to reveal itself. The symbol burning on the surface of his neck as blood starts to seep out.
“Stop treating me like a child, you yourself said I can take care of myself. So let me help.” Hatsumi huffs and crosses her arms as they form in ink form.
Zeff clasps a hand to his neck as he looks down at the ground. Blood continues to fall from the sky onto the forest as blood droplets fall from in between his fingers.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Life for You Poem

Life for You
B.T. Smith

I have a Life for you.
I truly do.
I contain it within my words.

I have a Life for you.
You’ll see.
I contain it within my heart.

I have a Life for you.
You’ll know.
I contain it within my dreams.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quiet Princess Poem

Quiet Princess
-B.T. Smith.

A quiet princess lives.
In lands far away.
Bound by lakes,
bound by ink.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kazima Lament: Beeru no Mori pt.3

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Yumena Taka/Tenzo Hoga/Haro Tani/Megumi Kishi/ Misao Hoga
                Age:  29/??/26/23/23
Location:  Beeru no Mori pt.3

Why does she just stand there out in the open? “Yumena-Sama!”  One of the Taka Ninja’s rushes headlong intercepting an enemy ninja by stabbing it in the back with a kunai before jumping closer to Yumena. “Yumena-Sama?” The Taka ninja continues to run towards Yumena who stands clearly in an opening of the forest.
“Stop!” Yumena catches the ninja by the shoulder freezing him in his spot from behind.
“Yu-Yumena-Sama?” The ninja struggles to move as Yumena pulls him back a bit.
“You were caught in my gen-jutsu (Illusion) as well.” Yumena removes her hand as he starts to stretch his muscles as she points the direction she saved him from,
“I was?”

Hello All

Since my last post was Kazima Lament, I wanted to say I found the journal I currently use for it and so the last post was to just say that if it wasn't apparent. I thought that the second part (the last one) was too short. So look forward to the coming posts ^_^!