Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Scene from The Falcons of Terra Firma

This scene is between the designer of the Falcons and one of the two Princesses that live aboard the Falcon of Fire. The Designer is Jiro Kazima (Jiro Kazima is named as thus because his real name is lost, and Kazima was the only word that they could read at the bottom of the pages in the designs. Jiro means Second Son. And the Princess; Princess Erika Sakai. Erika means Like the evergreen plant, Erika likes to sit in the ships park.

The Scene opens to the room in which JK is being kept which is adjacent to his Capsule compartment which he had slept or worked in for over 1,000 years, the room is large and empty and un-adorned, as if it was an unused storeroom.


JK: “Why is it that the guards stand so…”

ES:”So… what?”

JK: “A far from you dear Princess?” *the guards stand a good 30 feet away from the Princess*

ES: “Because I don’t truly need them, I am just fine… Alone.”

JK:  JK lets out a hmmm while thinking* “Are you now?... your face says otherwise.” *

ES: “Don’t Presume to know anything about…” *The Princess looks like she is thinking as she goes red faced and pauses mid sentence* “You Pervert! Get my body and face out of your head!!”

JK: “Oh? You can read minds…”

ES: “I am a psychic… idiot… How do we know that you are so great?” *Princess begins to Mock JK* “You could just be another ancient relic!” *The Princess stomps on the floor*

JK: “And a pervert from your delving estimations…” *JK Interjects*

ES: “Yes a… Wait how did you know my thought!”

JK: “Simply I didn’t, and clearly you were fishing my thoughts for something, maybe for how I think of you?”

ES: “What that is absurd, why would I care what you think of me!?” *the Princess looks off to the side with her hands held down, with a slight blush across her face*

JK: “It wasn’t at the fore front of my thoughts so you had to delve deeper into my psyche to see it. As to why that is easy Princess” *the guards look at JK, but the princess does not*

ES: “OH! Well if it is so easy then tell us, Oh great one!” *her hands move up and start to fidget with her hair*

*JK takes a slow step forward and then sighs* JK: “You went fishing for my thoughts because you had hoped for it to be favorable”

ES: “That didn’t answer anything” *Princess murmurs: “Creep”* “Besides why would I care what you think there are plenty of people who think positive of me…” *The Princess continues to play with her hair, slightly blushing while looking away in alternating different directions*

JK: “Is that why all the guards look distant and act distant towards you? I thought when people thought positive of another they wish to be closer… And I’m willing to bet it’s not just those guards standing there that act like that” *JK Points at the guards*

ES:”Be Quiet!!” *The Princesses fidgeting gets worse*

JK: “So I am right… hmmm” *JK thinks and begins to walk towards the Princess till he gets within an arm’s reach of her, he walks quietly to the spot*

*The Princesses face is fully flush* ES: “Silence!!”

JK: “I didn’t say anything else Princess”

ES: “You were thinking things, and you know nothing about me!!” *The Princess begins to turn to leave but JK reaches out and grabs her hand* “Let go of me!!”

JK: “ I know more than you’re willing to accept, and no it has nothing to do with reading your mind… More or less it is perceptions perceived from your body, and aura.”

ES: “My Body and Aura?” *The Princess stops trying to pull away* “Explain please…”

JK: “Every ones past and being is visible on their body and their current state is projected by the aura, their mood, it is how people can tell people’s emotions and feelings without looking at the person or hearing that person. A person’s aura is split into two there is the Emotional Aura, and the Physical Aura…  The emotional aura is the one perceived, the physical aura is seen by those that understand it; it is a combination of  physical and spiritual power. Do you comprehend?”
*All the guards look confused  but the Princess nods*

ES: “In some ways I guess I understand, if not fully so…”

JK: “Think of it as Palmistry but for the entire being of a person.”

ES: “So then the aura perception is like a human form of psychic perception only those who are aware of it is heightened?” *The Princess shakes her head and plays with her hair* “So… What else do you perceive … about me?”

JK: “You tend to be a Loner, preferably sitting in a light and happy place despite your ancient gothic resemblance, you sit in the park alone around roses… you lead with your right foot, it makes me think your hearing and balance is better on your left ear. Also your hands look delicate but in reality they know how to do hard work or maybe how to handle a blade.”

ES: *The Princess blushes and fidgets* “What else?...”

JK: “You weren’t born blind, you lost your sight from a weapons blast, probably the same blast that killed your parents, and your friends, and everything you use to have prior to coming to this ship…”

*scene flashes back to the point in time of which JK speaks of, it shows a younger form of ES, standing  on a boat with her aunt, on the sea near her home city on another planet. They are looking at the city, when space ships enter from above them and then attack the city, a massive explosion catches the aunt and the younger ES  in a state of shock, ES doesn’t shield her eyes and she goes blind,… *

*tears well up on the present face of the Princess and then she turns around and jerks violently and gets away from JK, while she cries*

JK: “No, wait…” *JK tries to grab her again, but she avoids his grab and she runs past the guards out the door way.*

*JK tries to go after her but the guards at the doorway block his path*
JK: “Damn…”

*Scene ends*

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