Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sneak Peak:::: War of the Roses: The Red Book

As promised in that Quick update, it's not long so forgive me but I hope you enjoy!

                      War of the Roses:
                         The Red Book
   By: B.T. Smith

‘Chapter 1: Father of Mine’

“If you won’t take the crown outright then you should wait and let them fight it out. Support both sides from the shadows and th-“ the old man gasped for air clutching his chest and shifting in bed to sit up more. “Then… grab the crown for yourself when the moments right.” The old man started into a coughing fit for a minute before the young man in the room turned around to stare down at him.
The old man’s head tweaked at the words and his one eye widened. “What do you mean no?” he said in a raspy losing voice.
“I care not for the crown, it matters not a thing to me but worrying woes. I would rather be rid of it and make safe my sanity, besides the safety of the people is paramount, I would but cause more damage.” The young man messed with his short dark hair.
“You fool the crown…” the old man drew breath harder before setting into another coughing fit. “The crown, it means everything. Power, that is what it is, and safety of the people too. All that matters is..”
The young man stepped closer to the crippled ailing life aged man before shaking his head. He then turned abruptly around and started to walk away towards the door.
The old man again coughs, as blood trickles out the corner of his mouth and nose. “Where are you going; that crown is your birth right! That right which the hands of fate from your house stole.  Whisked away by death of your great grandfather the King, lost to your grandfather by design and taken from your father, from me!”
“With your death, Father; is it freed from the hands of a tyrant?” The old man’s face boiled red as blood leaked more.
“Truth be told Father, our forefathers weep in the heavens above at how low you stooped; without provocation and only of wanton avarice. I rejoice the sad fallen nature of our house. The honor of our forbearers is lost on you even now at death’s door. Your shady backstabbing dealings in the dark have left us naught but barren estates. Our name once glorious is now tainted due to all the deceit and death bringing only ire and distrust.
The ailing father coughs up blood onto the bed sheets. “How dare you be so insulting, it’s because of those dark dealings you will have any power once I die. Because of that you will have estates and land at all. Be more grateful to the dead.”
“I’ll be more gracious when you’ve taken your last embrace with breath and are truly dead… Father.” The son leaves the room before closing the door.

Quick Update ...... before a look into a story being worked ! :D

It's been a little while, I have been busy as some of you know with ONS Gaming ( )  If you don't know well click that link and you'll find out with what. But I have also been working on true fictional work all original that may be put on here for showcase or mentioned in a news bit. Sorta like this portion right here. Sadly I can not say when, where and what with the things I will post due to my ever busying schedule... things may come up here in tiny sporadic and fragmented chunks or... in large group postings. But I did mention on my Devart that i am working on things solely for here as well as my larger fictional work as jobs and time frames for ONS Gaming are being edited.  SO all hoping I'll post more frequently on her. Okay stay tuned right after this will be a sneak peak into a very early beginning story...(hopefully you'll like what you see)