Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day Before

The skies grow dark; their feelings go numb and all he sees is his failure again. Bringing him back to the days of his past, and wishing things were the way they use to be. When light use to shine right down on his head. But now it is nothing but darkness that hovers over him.Trapped in this cold reality and lost to his frailty he struggles to get free. Yet his stubbornness will not allow him to give up so easily...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I & I Once :Poetic & Other Mixup:


    The words spent...
    Time slowly Went...
    And now I'm in Heaven with you....
    So please don't go...
    And Leave me All Alone...

    Don't Let go.
    Or let me Slip back
    Into the Hell that befell me...
    I see Light, through your eyes..
    And May i say LOVE , if you don't despise.
    I wanna stop all the Crys.

    Don't Fade away.
    Or go where, 
    Baby i can't follow...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Can't Say :Poem:

I can't say what you want me too...
When life’s so crazy.
When were out of the worlds view.

I don’t know how to voice my sorrow
How do I make my place in the sands of tomorrow?

I can't say what you want me too...
When it's all so hectic.
When were out beyond the worlds view.

I don't know how to voice my sorrow
When I can’t even see my hands tomorrow.

DSC/ B.T. Smith

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Four

                               3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                      Day: Four

                Having started on the deck the day before I decided to go back and finish it. Slowly I moved the bags of soil one by one. “Man these things are annoying after a few” looking around I decided that the right side of the deck had more space. Again I returned to the unfinished guest rooms and gathered several  two by fours and started to work on making two boxes.
                Dragging myself with the wood  to the deck I started to hammer the pieces into boxes, taking my time to make it look decent and also not to hit my thumb with the hammer’s head. “I’m so not looking forward to going through the supplies but it all must be done…” I wonder if I am alone, I wonder if Laura and her sister are okay…  
                I finished the boxes making the wall eight inches high. Starting to cut the bags open I begin to spread the soil until it is even layered in the first box and repeating for the seconding box. I then got several seeds from the seed box and  started to plant them, it included; cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, carrots, lettuce, kale, basil, rosemary, and chives.
                “I could have sworn I heard the phone but I think that was just in my head”. What if it wasn’t just in your head?...

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kazima Lament: Backstory

Circa; The Last Great Ninja War
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13

                The Last Great Ninja War pitted previously peaceful Ninja clans, villages and even countries against one another. The title of the war as such is a misnomer as many non -ninja units took to the fields and the war devastated all manners of classes and ranks. When the war came to the small Takane village it like everywhere else brought destruction and sorrow in its wake.  During this time Zeff, who had recently been indoctrinated as a ranked ninja into the family school of nin-jitsu. However having been in training for only a few years he was relegated to protecting the non-combatants of the village.
                Zeff having left the shelter after hearing his mother scream he returned to his family’s house to find tit half destroyed and his mother and father in shambles. Their blood was everywhere when the fire in his home broke out and he left the building in a daze then wandered out of the village. Days went by and the villagers assumed he was dead but after cleaning up and burning all the bodies his was nowhere to be found. They placed the blame on Zeff; already a black sheep of the family and considered him  traitor and marked him to be hunted and killed for killing his parents.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Order of the Pyramid :Poem:

The burning hot sands
Kept the soldiers at bay

And protected the orders' demands
Their homes disgraced just like their lands.

The scorching heat of the sun
Made the enemy wait and lay
Strengthen by their gods blessings may
Slaughtered the roman troops in their camps till it was done.

Protectors of their royal families might.
Enemy sought to crush
Drove the order of the pyramids' light to blush.
The fighting never ceased at night,

Finally the soldiers defeated the rebels...
Moved into their villages...
Ravaged their women and took them, stole the valuables through pillages
Devastated the orders lands to weak pebbles...

DSC/ B.T. Smith 2008 ©


So i didn't post yesterday because my family threw a party for me for my 25th birthday so yay. As such i will be posting extra today.

This is about the CHIBI Web Comic i have been planing to do the first Comic or what i call the first "episode"; i started most of it i have to erase the pencil and add color but here it is:

It is the first of many comics of Chibi Work Sucks! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

TFoTT: Part 5

"There are six minor Kingdoms in the world. There is the Principality of Aire, east of Nilam and Geir, there is the Principality of Habek which resides in the center of the World and there is the Principality of Annon which is west of the Kingdom of Geir and south of the Kingdom of Vidarr. These three Kingdoms operate in various manners and are collections of smaller city states or Kingdoms.
The remaining three Kingdoms are thought to be complete Kingdoms and not much is known about them they are typically referred to as the Jungle Kingdoms, and their lands as the Jungle Lands. The Maultak Mountain range blocks land travel to the three Jungle Kingdoms, and the ocean around the Kingdoms are too shallow for the majority of the ships from the Northern seven Kingdoms."  
-     -     Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Love Knight :Poem:

                                           Love Knight Poem

Love Knight Poem is actually a poem piece made for the first Novella in a series of Novella's for The Path series ( a remake of the Doors Novella), Enjoy.

“ I feel a spark in your arms.
That such a burn entices me and I don’t want to let go.
That even in the darkness I can call to solace, and hold you till the light.
Our words and feelings are etched into our minds.
From the depths of my love I reach out for you.
So Your World becomes My World Too. "

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Three

               3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                         Day: Three
                Thirteen days ago several miners that were trapped in the state of Virginia due to the earthquake were released.  Of which 3 were found dead, and the other four were acting very strange. What was reported was that one of the four that was ill attacked by clawing and biting several of the rescuers present. Everything else was blacked out in the media. Despite warnings by the C.D.C. of the potential outbreak of serious viruses that could lead to epidemics causing apocalyptic scenarios and their prevention; this event is what I call the genesis of the outbreak. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TFoTT Part 4

"Geir is the Kingdom of spears, and have traded many of their crafted weapons throughout the Kingdoms. Situated south of the Kingdom of Nilam, many of their lands are in a temperate zone holding a tree that only resides there in vast quantity. The Bamaroo Tree’s wood when processed make flexible and strong spears and staffs unlike any other kind of wood used."  
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

Meanwhile Captain Sho and Zelm had gotten through their altercation and had started to celebrate the news of the Tournament… Elsewhere;

Monday, August 20, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Two

                                          3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                               Day: Two

Twenty days ago we had a mild earthquake. By mild I mean catastrophic for the east coast. I believe it was a magnitude 7 or maybe something tuned down to a 6. Regardless it was an event that happens once every 120 years give or take a year.  The significance of the earthquake only now opens my own ignorant eyes.
            It’s only now Day 2 and some of the channels on the TV still work as others just give out an annoying noise and replay the same federal or state warning. The TV channels that still work show scenes of chaos and violence. Shambling; awkward movements by the beings that were once human assault positions of the Living. The clips always cutoff before you visually see the fate of the news men and woman reporting, the civilians barred in civilian buildings and the National Guardsmen fighting off the undead.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

We :Poem:

Can't you see... Me?
I need you like you,
Need Me too.

Will We never be?
Can we ever see?

Does it matter the distance of the Sea?

Not when we know We’ll Be.

I Know You and I see We.

DSC/ B.T. Smith  2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

TFoTT Part 3

 "Tullia is the Northern most Kingdom as well as the smallest between the four major Kingdoms. It is a heavily mountainous and forested region, which only holds two seasons spring and winter. Because of the longer winters the people tend to be hardier and hold less numbers per towns and cities that even women go on hunts, assist with farming and even War when needed..."
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

“Sir is it true, Nilam is hosting the tournament? And we only have little over a week to prepare?” the man that just question stood their silently as other advisers shifted waiting for the Lead General or the King to speak.
“Why yes it’s true and that’s being announced to the public later today, but why would that be a concern?” The Lead General looked to the King and then back at adviser Skye.

Friday, August 17, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day One

                     3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                               Day: One

            At first I thought it all to be a Hoax. I mean who in their right mind would believe, could believe that what was going on was more than some people pulling a prank? Or maybe that it was some modern day translated adaptation of some radio drama or some dramatic play. As the reports on the television started to come in with the inclusion of extremely graphic photos and videos along with local, state and federal government warnings I had to accept that the current situation was real.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Love Is Blind? :Poem:

When Love is Blind...
How many petals will the rose weep?

All that Pain bottled in the Mind...
How many stabs until it's all too much to keep?

Where a Heart once held its Love.
A now Shattered container, gone above.

The Falling Petals Fade,
    A Blade one too many times Strayed.

Love is Blind?
DSC/ B.T. Smith

© B.T. Smith 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

 The Mapped out world of the story: The Fate of Three Trees.

Map by B.T. Smith

TFoTT part 2

“Nilam, the capital city of the Nilam kingdom, is most notable for its blue hues, to the point its roofs are shingled in blue painted wood pieces. The Nilam Kingdom works in artisan dyes, pigments, blue-gray clay and wine all exported to other kingdoms. The cloth accompanied on its knights and warriors are dyed blue from the flowers Saphil, of which the fruits are made into a blue tinged wine…”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

“Aye, another one” a shouted request goes off in a quieter break of the Inn as a
“Captain shouldn’t you not be drinking?” the bartender asked him as he was beginning to pour another.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Momentum's Chance Poem

 Momentum's Chance
 B.T. Smith

Make a change;
to turn around.

Stop him,
that man that will always be better.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Fate of Three Trees pt.1

                The Fate of Three Trees
                            By B.T. Smith

“To cease major hostilities and keep fighters and warriors the world over from causing mass havoc after the last major war a martial foundation was created. The foundation crossing as many border or boundaries it could decided the best action was to hold a tournament once every five years .Tournament entrance was welcome to any of age persons, regardless of sex, or style as it was meant to release violent energies and to show pride of  the Kingdoms.”
-         Tournament Article de Historical (1042).
“The warriors compete to measure their fighting skills, their fighting spirit and their pride. Four active kingdoms host the tournament switching location, and holding festivals unique to each kingdom; bringing unique interpretations.  The combat is fierce as most means are allowed (including metal weapons), deaths have occurred from these tournaments so do not enter unless you and yours are prepared…” 
-          Sage Danno, adviser to the Nilam Kingdom.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Silent Song of Misery

You have everything
You have whatever there is in needs.
You have those around you,
and those fire filled Dreams.

But what the fuck is there for me?
There is nothing here.
Could I feel the same?
Not when you're to blame...

Grand Opening

So this is the grand opening to the DSC blogspot. I plan to post various multi-post pieces as well as one offs. This blog is to focus on creative and literary works. Uhm so... lets get to it!