Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.3 (continuation: 2)

“So some of the villagers started to show signs of animosity towards Zeff? Events and accidents not truly associated with him, he started too blamed for? And evens till some villagers most likely spoke out about him learning your clan’s secrets…am I right Tenzo?”
Tenzo sighs before nodding. “You are correct. The mysterious nature of the Kazima and Zeff’s previous experiences made him already reclusive to the point only a few knew his identity. So I can understand a little apprehensive however he had my full faith and still. They don’t know the power he contains and can wield. The proof comes from the fact that they all live despite the severity of the accident.”
“What happen to him after the accident?” Yukari squeaked out.
“He woke a week later; Zeff had managed to survive despite the grievous wounds through the abilities of a Kazima. The abilities of a Kazima depend on the type of blood they acquire.”  Tenzo stopped and looked at Zenju.

Yukari slowly tilts her head as she tries to understand in her head before giving up.  “What do you mean by acquire blood Tenzo-sama?”
Zenju plays with his beard while looking at the floor before nodding at Tenzo.
“You see, Yukari-chan, all Kazima’s require blood as a form of sustenance and as a means for combat. Depending on the blood they ingest they can become stronger than they normally would or gain temporary abilities inherent to the blood. So long as it doesn’t go against their nature.”
“So Zeff and all Kazima’s are vampiric? And by drinking the blood of a person who is strong they can acquire that strength and any inherent abilities. Those abilities are temporary and only increase natural abilities so… Zeff couldn’t drink my blood and then perform jutsu’s that are water.” Yukari pokes her own cheek. “Do I understand it right?”
“Precisely, though they don’t have to ingest human blood so long as it’s high in iron. In fact it’s been rumored they can partition their own blood and save it for later in extreme ‘droughts’ though I have never seen thus.  However some knew he… drank blood but didn’t know he could drink animal blood of which he did while in Sunaomo. Shortly after he woke however some of the village girls disappeared. Since the village had already been half destroyed. They blamed him.”
“But of course he didn’t do it or otherwise you wouldn’t be expecting us to go to him for help!” Yukari’s face was reddening as her one hand was clenched into a fist. Both Tenzo and Zenju raise brows.
“Of course not, Zeff banished himself, after utilizing the training he had helping the village before leaving. He returned to us for after only three weeks.”
“What had happen Tenzo?” Zenju had stopped messing with his beard and looked at his junior.
“Zeff returned with all five girls as well as the true perpetrator, half dead. While the majority of the village asked for forgiveness and apologized Zeff bade farewell and returned to the desert. I believe there are things in this world that can bring his good nature out even when he is at his coldest.”
“So Tenzo, you believe Yukari maybe one of those things and she can persuade Zeff that we… all of Takane needs his help?”


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