Sunday, October 28, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Gate

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25
Location:  Mon no Sabaku / Desert Gate

                “They’re late” Zeff grumbles as he stretches his neck.
                “They probably were just now told of the situation and to meet us here, Master.”  Zeff glares at Hatsumi.
“Sorry Zeff-sama. I forget that you don’t like being called that.” Zeff frowns. “But, Zeff-sama you are the Master of the Kazima’s, now.” Hatsumi tilts her head while holding a finger to her lips.
                “Leader… Maybe so but I am not the master of anyone’s fate other than my own so remember that Hatsumi.”
                “Yes but you saved me from a fate worse than death, my life is but yours!” Hatsumi frowned in turn. “I have told you that many times now, Zeff-sama.” Hatsumi kneels to one knee bowing before him only to pounce in his momentary lapse of guard. Hugging Zeff tightly around the waist making him let forth a minor gasp.

                Zeff let’s her hug him making Hatsumi giggle slightly as he grumbles. His hand gently brushes across Hatsumi’s cheek catching her of guard and making her smile and look up to see his eyes tint with red color.
                “Oh! Sorry Zeff-sama” Yukari appears from the path with Hataya and the other Taka men following. “I hope we are not interrupting…?” Yukari glares at Hatsumi.
                “No you are not but you are still late” Zeff pat’s Hatsumi’s head once before his eye color drains back to cold grey.
                “Sorry Zeff-sama” Hatsumi slowly let’s go and stands up before sticking her tongue out at Yukari before acting as if she had not done a thing and started checking a pouch for knives and supplies.
                Zeff rolls his eyes at Yukari and Hatsumi before looking over the men. “You Taka men look haggard… Didn’t rest well?”
                Hataya scoffs “Would you after you were attacked by your Host?”
                “Self Defense” Hatsumi interjects.
                “What!?” Hataya clenches his fist as his face starts to redden.
                “It was Self Defense; you attacked or attempted to attack Zeff-sama, unsuccessfully. Although I…wasn’t there…” Hatsumi grows silent and looks away.
                Zeff frowns at Hatsumi. “Sorry, this is my messenger… Hatsumi Kimura.” Hatsumi gently plays with her own hair before smiling and bowing.
                “Sorry for stirring trouble right off the bat, I’m Hatsumi.”
                “Nice to meet you…” Yukari waves her hand but looks off to the side.
                “So she can run away quickly, great.” Hataya murmurs.
                “No I assure you she is a capable fighter on her own; in fact without being rude I believe she could take the three others down-“
                “Tch, whatever…”
                “-However she is accompanying us as a messenger not as a combatant.”
                The Taka’s walk closer. “Just one question, how are you so sure she could take those three on by herself if I may Zeff-sama?”
                “Because I trained her myself.”
                “Yourself!?” Yukari’s face lightly blushed. Zeff face palms and sighs.
                “To the matters at hand, what is our destination?” Zeff looks at Yukari but her face has reddened like a cherry and she had started staring off to the side with her hands on her face again making him sigh.  Zeff looks over to Hataya. “So where are we headed?”
                “Sunaomo no Sato” Hataya quickly looked off to the side grumbling himself.

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