Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thoughts I

11/29/2012                             Random Thoughts I

First things first I feel like there haven’t been much achieved with my work as of late of course I blame the holidays and work running me ragged but still there’s a side of me in it too. You can’t keep blaming everyone else but yourself you know you play a role in it all too. So first I thought what I could do; well by lowering my quota all over and yet leaving the time slots for writing the same I felt I can accomplish more. Accomplish more.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Holiday Week News

So its been a minute since i posted. I apologize for that as its been thanksgiving week and black Friday prep.  TFoTT: Part 9 has been finished and posted and Sunaomo part 2 should be finished in a few days. I have gotten back into writing on The Summers Vale Novel as well as The Path: [Hell's] Reign Novella. So now my time has been split between  The Novel, The Novella, here on the Blog which has been focusing on TFoTT & Kazima Lament, as well as my deviant art: There are several other projects also in the works that take up a percentage of my time.

So i have things to keep me busy.

TFoTT: Part 9

 “The Soldiers of Nilam are all equipped with polished banded metal plates that move and protect vital areas while providing some maneuverability unlike the rigid armor breastplates of the day. Officers in the Nilam military all have blue cloaks that are stylized by rank and command. The Nilam Castle Guard has a silver lion on their cloaks and shields where as the regular army symbol is just silver bands.”
            -          Kingdom Article de Historical (914).

“So the festival is finally here, it is tomorrow right is it not?”

“Zelm, you should already know that answer; however, it is tomorrow. Aren’t you overseeing the festival fireworks display?”

Sunday, November 11, 2012

TFoTT: Part 8

“Vidarr is the Warrior of the Forest; it is the largest Kingdom in the world. It holds the oldest forests as well as the largest forests. Due to its large size as a Kingdom it has been the most militant to sustain its land and protect its resources. In the Vidarr armies the soldiers are fitted with a bronze like metal which is comparable to the other kingdoms metals but leaves the armor to have a brownish color. Coupled with leather and green fabrics the Army often times seems to blend into their native forests and fields.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (877).

“Sorry Lieutenant my hands are tied they are after all royal orders.” The newly appointed Temporary Captain of the Guard shrugs his shoulders.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kazima Lament: Sunaomo no Sato pt.1

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25
Location:  Sunaomo no Sato pt. 1

                Sunaomo; like home, at least for a time and now I return…
                The group reached the main center of the village brought there by Sunaomo guards.
                “Tenzo-sama” Zeff bowed earnestly towards the man standing before them. Hatsumi followed Zeff and paid her respects before looking around.
                “So there is someone even a piece of trash like you whom you are even respectful too, I am amazed.” Hataya looked off to the side after closing his mouth. Hatsumi clenched her fists and glared at the man.
                “Out of respect for Tenzo, and the Sunaomo people I will ignore your ignorant cowardly mouth. But should you speak again like that outside these walls Hataya, you won’t be a coward like your parents you will be a dead man hanging from my walls for your pathetic family to see “. Zeff raised his hand and Hatsumi pulled it back down before shaking her head and then glaring back at Hataya.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SW: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours Prologue

                Star Wars: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours…
                                Original Story By: B. T. Smith
                                                Star Wars Universe by: George Lucas.
                                                 Dramatis Personae:
                                    Acen Zedel; Jedi Knight (Lorrdian male)
                                    Oth Selles; Jedi Master (Zabrak male)
                                    Celess Teeina; Jedi Knight (Human female)
                                    Sakai Arashi; Jedi Master (Mirialan male)
                                    Sarna Truen; Jedi Knight (“Hybrid” Falleen female)
                                    Mer-Lian; Imperial Inquisitor (Chagrian male)
                                    Naell Dun; Imperial Captain, Pursuance (Kiffar male)

          Four years after the rise and founding of the Galactic Empire [approximately 15 years before Episode IV: A New Hope] A group of Jedi hide among a group of Colonists on the previously uninhabited world of Talasea, in the Morobe system.

            “Why must we wait here again?” the young Celess questioned out loud.
The Jedi Knight sitting beside her sighed out loud in irritation “Because, this is how Master operates; only two Jedi in town at one time, the others must train here in the Twilight cavern.”
            Celess nodded her head as she tried to follow the logic. “Okay… but why does it have to be in a cold, dank, not to mention dark cave!?” Celess pouted.
            The Jedi beside her clenched her fist and then relaxed herself. “The walls of this cavern act as a buffer to force energy; so we can train with lightsabers, and practice our connection to the force without worry that imperial hunters would spot us, now do you understand young one…” She hissed softly at the end. “Now no more talking, you should have been meditating, and trying to find the answers to all your questions from within…”
            “Yes, Master Truen…” She frowned as she didn’t understand why the Jedi beside her seemed so… irritated and distant.
            Truen’s body tensed and then relaxed, “You can just call me Sarna, no need to call me a Master or use my last name…”
            “Oh…” Celess paused for a minute and thought about Jedi protocol and procedure, “Yes Master Sarna, sorry I mean Sarna…”

Hurricane Vileness News

SOOOO because of Hurricane Sandy that hit the Eastern coast of the U.S I hadn't had power for over 30 hours but still had to go to my normal job so my writing had been on hold. Though now with power and being held up by regular work the Writing has commenced,  The next Kazima Lament part as well as the next part to The Fate of Three Trees will be posted tomorrow. Today i have decided to post the prologue to an Fan based story set in the STAR WARS Universe. Of which the Precursor i will probably write and post on here at some point.

On another note this week i will be assessing a Novel i have been working on and may re-pen and finish it and put it through editing; though as of right now it is 1.3 of the way done.

End of the week will see continued work on game stories; and Novella::::::    The Path: [Hell's] Reign