Sunday, November 11, 2012

TFoTT: Part 8

“Vidarr is the Warrior of the Forest; it is the largest Kingdom in the world. It holds the oldest forests as well as the largest forests. Due to its large size as a Kingdom it has been the most militant to sustain its land and protect its resources. In the Vidarr armies the soldiers are fitted with a bronze like metal which is comparable to the other kingdoms metals but leaves the armor to have a brownish color. Coupled with leather and green fabrics the Army often times seems to blend into their native forests and fields.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (877).

“Sorry Lieutenant my hands are tied they are after all royal orders.” The newly appointed Temporary Captain of the Guard shrugs his shoulders.

“Does it say I have to sign up for the tournament Ren?” Hana sighed as she grabbed her sword.
“Well no it doesn’t say you must but it does say you may take part in the tournament… with the may being underlined. It would appear the mandated relief of duty is so you will sign up alongside the Captain, least that’s my take.” Ren hands the orders over to her.

“Damn it does have the royal seal and the Princesses signature… Just what the hell is she up too?” Hana tosses the orders back to Ren.

Ren juggles the orders then frowns at her. “Least now you can take the Captain to the festival and spend time with him.”

Hana falls silent as her face slowly starts to turn several shades of red.

“Hana…” Ren tilts his head and then taps on her shoulder, his face changes from actively happy to passively irritated. “Seriously….”
“Lieutenant!!! “

“Wha-what!? Sorry Captain, I just hadn’t even thought of the possibilities with being off duty until just now.” Hana scrunches her nose “Sorry.”

“What’s wrong Hana?”

“Well what if he doesn’t want to go still…” Hana twirls some hair in her finger as she gets flustered.

“Well that’s easy…” Mai slowly walks into the officer’s hall.

“Drag him along” Both Ren and Mai make a grinning smile and hold thumbs up to Hana. They all break out to energetic laughter.

Mai sighs softly. “Too much… but seriously you have to take him even if you need to drag him. Oh and before I forget congrats Ren on the promotion!”

“Thanks Mai but its only temporary.” Ren rubs his chin.

“Why do you only say temporary?” Mai blinks as Ren crosses his arms and Hana gasps.

“Mai!” Hana yelps.

“What!? Oh… sorry I didn’t mean that Sho wouldn’t be coming back I just mean he is the most prestigious and talented of the Captains I feel like he deserves a higher commission.”

“Wait, why would Ren be Captain if Sho gets a higher position? You’re skipping me.” Hana frowns and crosses her arms slightly pouting.

“That’s simple…”

“Why is it simple Ren?” Hana scrunches her nose again.

“Because my dear bestie. You would follow Sho to his new commission as his right hand…”

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