Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kazima Lament: Sunaomo no Sato pt.1

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25
Location:  Sunaomo no Sato pt. 1

                Sunaomo; like home, at least for a time and now I return…
                The group reached the main center of the village brought there by Sunaomo guards.
                “Tenzo-sama” Zeff bowed earnestly towards the man standing before them. Hatsumi followed Zeff and paid her respects before looking around.
                “So there is someone even a piece of trash like you whom you are even respectful too, I am amazed.” Hataya looked off to the side after closing his mouth. Hatsumi clenched her fists and glared at the man.
                “Out of respect for Tenzo, and the Sunaomo people I will ignore your ignorant cowardly mouth. But should you speak again like that outside these walls Hataya, you won’t be a coward like your parents you will be a dead man hanging from my walls for your pathetic family to see “. Zeff raised his hand and Hatsumi pulled it back down before shaking her head and then glaring back at Hataya.

                Zeff shrugged his shoulders and looked back at Tenzo. “Why would you blatantly lie to them Tenzo-sama, that I would ever be inclined to help the likes of them?”
                Hataya spat on the ground and grumbled.
                “Is it such a lie? Really Zeff-san is it a lie? You had been seeking a way to find acceptance both while you lived there in your youth and even after when you lived here. Why would you refuse to help them in their hour of need?”
                “We don’t need his help…” Hataya quietly quipped.
                “See, they don’t need my help Tenzo, maybe I should join the other side after all I believe they all should perish.”
                Yukari gasps clasping her hands to her mouth as Zeff looks at Hataya with equal disdain. Tenzo frowns and sighs.
                “See I knew Zenju-sama was wrong in his thinking, he’s never been good for anything.”
 Hataya spat in Zeff’s direction. “Worthless.”
                Zeff points at Hataya “you’re first, and then we’ll see how much you really are like your family.” Both Zeff and Hataya clenched their fists and teeth glaring back at one another before they are calmed by Hatsumi and Yukari.
                A female quickly ran between the two groups and spoke to Tenzo’s ear before quickly leaving the same way she came. “It seems the Taka Envoy is here, I believe you came here to at least listen to them did you not Zeff?” Tenzo clasps his hands onto Zeff’s shoulders.
                “Envoy… I was told Zenju was going to be here in person…” Zeff flexed his one hand out before clenching his fist.
                “Something must have happened in either case Zeff-sama you said you would indeed listen to Tenzo, the representatives of the Taka’s here in Sunaomo and then make a decision.” Hatsumi tugged on Zeff’s side.
                Zeff looked into Hatsumi’s pleading eyes and felt the weight of Tenzo’s hands before sighing. “Alright.”
                “That a boy! Follow me the meeting room has been prepared.” Tenzo starts walking off as Hataya grumbled and Yukari looks down at the floor and they begin to follow. Hatsumi cheerfully marches behind Yukari and Zeff grudgingly drags himself from the main hall down the corridor behind them all.
                In short time they reached another open hall with a small cramped doorway where a different female aid bowed and slide the tiny door to one side for Tenzo, Hataya, Yukari, and Hatsumi to enter. Zeff glared at the narrow entrance.
                Small and cramped keeps enemies or assassins from getting large numbers of men in or stalls them from leaving… Smart Tenzo-sama.
                “Hurry in Zeff-san” the aid looked up through her lavender hair as her piercing blue eyes stared at Zeff’s dull grey eyes.
 She pushed him lightly and softly giggled as Zeff frowned and grumbled before climbing through the tiny door way there after the door was shut.  Before Zeff there were three tables laid out in a U-shape. Directly in front of Zeff was a Table that Tenzo was standing at and next to him was the Female who ran in earlier. To the left side was Hatsumi one spot down waiting for Zeff.
Zeff quickly went to sit down in doing so he stared across two empty seats further down on the right side table was Hataya who grumbled and next to him was Yukari who looked sad and down at the bare table. Tenzo continued to stand as a noise was heard outside the door before it opened.
First an older male crawled in with a semi fresh cut across his right cheek. He quickly glared at me before going and standing across from where Hatsumi sat. Next crawled in a woman before the door shut again. Like the man whom just entered the woman had shiny Jet black hair. She quickly took to her seat directly across from Zeff. Tenzo, his aid, the female across the way and the man next to her all sat.
The female Taka opened her eyes and her deep purple eyes calmly perceived everything around her and then stared at Zeff whose own eyes widened.
Hatsumi nudges Zeff before whispering “Mas-, Zeff-sama... Who is that and why does your face look pale… are you alright?”
Awkward silence befell the room as Tenzo looked back and forth between the female and Zeff. Before he could welcome everyone the female spoke out.
“Hello dear… ” A small smile flushes over her face as she continued to stare at Zeff. “Brother.”


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