Thursday, November 29, 2012

Random Thoughts I

11/29/2012                             Random Thoughts I

First things first I feel like there haven’t been much achieved with my work as of late of course I blame the holidays and work running me ragged but still there’s a side of me in it too. You can’t keep blaming everyone else but yourself you know you play a role in it all too. So first I thought what I could do; well by lowering my quota all over and yet leaving the time slots for writing the same I felt I can accomplish more. Accomplish more.

Then I thought on accomplishing, achievements as it were. At first I thought well I haven’t achieved much in my short life but then as I sat there and pondered I realized that the statement was entirely false. I have achieved a lot, it’s all about context. Sure I may not be a millionaire sipping on some mixed drink in Miami and yet I have done more already in my twenty-five years than people did in their entire lives in Medieval times. I know what you’re saying; “B.T these aren’t the middle ages, what does it matter if you accomplished more than them?”
I’ll tell you why. It holds importance because it means we as a people are advancing even if at almost an ever still, it’s slow but it’s there. If I have done more in my life in ways of achievements then the past then many, many, many others who feel down trodden must also have, and that means there is something to be happy about.
Cheer up, you too are an achiever!

In other random thoughts:
A card game as well as an application may be in the works, will be assessed; the card game needs a primary artist of which there are prospects already. The App needs coders.  
Sunaomo pt. 2 of KL is ongoing and coming soon.
Will it finally be predicted right!: the end of the world is on 12/21/12… or is it O>O bum bum bummm!
More on the end of the world is it going to be the earth falls apart? The poles change and we get flipped into outer space? The portals to the underworld open and the demon army pours out and slaughters all in its path? Or maybe some mysterious illness breaks out in China and causes the first world epidemic of Zombies? Who knows..?
I think I want pizza for lunch… pizza sounds good…
If I were a Pokémon what would I be? Depends on the generation I suppose…
If I were a Digimon what would I be? … ha ha… no -o-

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