Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi ^^

Hello all who visit here.

Just a heads up years down the road; I am still writing just currently elsewhere

Currently working on the re-envisioned Kazima Lament stuff. But I also run a gaming site; though currently I'm on break due to off and on internet problems. Though those problems should be fixed shortly.

Kazima Lament is was once a tale about a character that I created on a from the ground up gaming entity. A place where people like you and me could make and play games and eventually make money. Myself and my best friend joined a game based on Naruto, the anime series. But the game was pretty shallow. So despite spending a lot of time there and eventually becoming a hacked super-admin thanks to a dear friend I and a few friends from there decided to band together to work on our own hobby game based on Naruto. We wanted to make a better game. And though we got far after 4 years the team gave up. Not wanting to let a lot of hard work go to waste I carried forward with what I could but not being a coder and then with the sudden loss of a years+ worth of work that project was closed.

Again because of the work that I put in with story design and the experience I gained with world building and immersion with an already created story universe I continued the concepts from the game into a side story. Yes originally a fan-fiction eventually became slightly more original and outside of the main universe of Naruto. Eventually I would pull away from that ever still. The Kazima Lament story stuff you will find on this blog is a precursor to what I'm working on now.
While not fully separated from Naruto it was original as far as characters and locations.

Now the re-envisioned version is separated further still keeping though of course ninjas and "magical" abilities that they have in a similar style to Naruto and other fantasy based Ninja stories but also added into the mix are western style magic users (Mages). The world itself is completely originally designed though currently only the borders exist of nations and land.

Just thought I'd write this, Jaane (bye)


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Am I a Dreamer?

Am I a Dreamer...

By B.T. Smith

August 2014

So many people dream;
so many dreams that coalesce into the nights sky like a gathering of fireflies.
They swim through the atmosphere to come to a point like a bonfires center.... But in that night so many get lost, and the dreams fade and so too their light.

Too many people dream only to let such fire that burns within them... like internal furnaces that cool down to a less luminance brown dwarf star, until finally the fires are extinguished by its own pressure into a cold barren husk of life of which it once was begotten by.

Am I dreamer? Will I ever know, if my fires are to extinguish or burn truly bright?

Am I afraid to set a lit something that's greater than my own self-worth?

So many people dream;
So to can we fly in the night, with feelings and thoughts so truly bright.
They can shape who we truly are, or help someone else look within.
Greatness is deep when it helps not only themselves but others in flight...

Am I dreamer? Not only here to exist but also to shine?

Am I afraid to put down fear and try something that's with out training wheels?

So many people dream;
so many dreams get lost, will mine? Will I? When do I know that it's time to step out, and walk on knowing I've done whats worth?
Will they ever know what I dream if not?

Am I dreamer? Does it matter if I have better others even if not my own life?

Will I continue to be afraid? Will I stress about things that matter not once I'm gone again.

Are my dreams worth dreaming again once they cease to be bright...

So many questions that kill those dreams that could have saved a life... So much doubt that stifles the creativity and ingenuity of humanity... To that end, isn't it to us then to fly bright?

Friday, April 11, 2014

Let's Play Catch Up & Random Thoughts # 2

                                                    Catch Up :D

So once again months go by and I haven't updated, or posted anything worthwhile on here . Yet again I find myself apologizing.

More recently, while the place I work at remains the same, the times and days that I work did and do not and I have been adjusting my schedule accordingly as it starts to become more steady hopefully I'll have more time to be here and with writing non ONS Gaming stuff...


Considering I have in a week about 40 scattered hours to myself, majority of that time about 37-8 hours are spent on ONS Gaming; for ONS Gaming I am a chief writer, artist, format editor, tumblr blogger, video editor, creative force and chief contributor liaison. So you can understand why I haven't been here specially not as much as I like. ONS Gaming for me is like an enduring love, and I don't want to see that love (project) fail so I put in more work than the other three founders. That's an issue that I have been trying to fix to little to no major change, but there is headway and that's whats important; we're also fortunate in the few and far between but very important contributors that have aided us in growth.

ONS Gaming continues to expand and grow and we have hit over 2,250 views in under a year which is exciting. If you're into video games I suggest, no I request that you please check out the website, I'm certain you will find something you like and in the rare chance that you don't you can leave an anonymous request for whatever it is you'd like talked about.


I have been working on the main novel of which most of the planing has been done for and even a few thousand words have been put to paper. To date it is my most hardest project to complete, while steeped in a world of magic and unnatural or supernatural things it is the most realistic piece I have ever worked on.


Random Thoughts II

Recently I was watching Wrestlemania and I marveled at how very much the storylines were how they were in the attitude era only toned down. But then I realized that in the world of professional wrestling its a common and accepted practice to re use story lines after 5-8 years and in some cases much sooner. It's kind of weird but that's true for a lot of things, trends as it were.

This last year I have to be honest about I really could and in fact almost did swear that the moon was going to pull a Majora's Mask on us, right around October it seemed to be at it's closest if I can recall correctly and it had looked about two times the size it normally did... So of course my wild imaginative mind started to think about it pulling a Majora's Mask and how sucky that would be.

Fortunately neither the moon nor zombies occurred this year.

I kind of think the Godzilla movie that's coming out this year as well as the Winter Soldier one may very well be the two best movies of this year. We will have to see.

I find I'm more productive in writing on rainy days and less productive on sunny or cloudy days, kind of weird.

Its interesting to see what Nintendo will do int he wake of the WiiU; will they go for a third Wii, or will they go for something new and out there? or something tried and true;

I got to say the best advice I got for writing was simply this: Never Stop.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Epiphany in the Dark: You're Twisted

You twisted your purpose.
Left everything in a downturn.
A world perverse.
(You twisted your purpose.)

A world left full of dirt & ash.
Lives gone or destroyed.
All for your burning greed.
(You twisted your purpose)
Can't you see.

Now we all suffer...
Now we're all slaves.
You twisted your purpose.
You'll burn in your greed.

Beg on your knees.
As death won't come pain free.
In a perverted world,
your purpose long twisted.
Now you're just like those lives taken.