Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Am I a Dreamer?

Am I a Dreamer...

By B.T. Smith

August 2014

So many people dream;
so many dreams that coalesce into the nights sky like a gathering of fireflies.
They swim through the atmosphere to come to a point like a bonfires center.... But in that night so many get lost, and the dreams fade and so too their light.

Too many people dream only to let such fire that burns within them... like internal furnaces that cool down to a less luminance brown dwarf star, until finally the fires are extinguished by its own pressure into a cold barren husk of life of which it once was begotten by.

Am I dreamer? Will I ever know, if my fires are to extinguish or burn truly bright?

Am I afraid to set a lit something that's greater than my own self-worth?

So many people dream;
So to can we fly in the night, with feelings and thoughts so truly bright.
They can shape who we truly are, or help someone else look within.
Greatness is deep when it helps not only themselves but others in flight...

Am I dreamer? Not only here to exist but also to shine?

Am I afraid to put down fear and try something that's with out training wheels?

So many people dream;
so many dreams get lost, will mine? Will I? When do I know that it's time to step out, and walk on knowing I've done whats worth?
Will they ever know what I dream if not?

Am I dreamer? Does it matter if I have better others even if not my own life?

Will I continue to be afraid? Will I stress about things that matter not once I'm gone again.

Are my dreams worth dreaming again once they cease to be bright...

So many questions that kill those dreams that could have saved a life... So much doubt that stifles the creativity and ingenuity of humanity... To that end, isn't it to us then to fly bright?

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