Monday, April 10, 2017

Hi ^^

Hello all who visit here.

Just a heads up years down the road; I am still writing just currently elsewhere

Currently working on the re-envisioned Kazima Lament stuff. But I also run a gaming site; though currently I'm on break due to off and on internet problems. Though those problems should be fixed shortly.

Kazima Lament is was once a tale about a character that I created on a from the ground up gaming entity. A place where people like you and me could make and play games and eventually make money. Myself and my best friend joined a game based on Naruto, the anime series. But the game was pretty shallow. So despite spending a lot of time there and eventually becoming a hacked super-admin thanks to a dear friend I and a few friends from there decided to band together to work on our own hobby game based on Naruto. We wanted to make a better game. And though we got far after 4 years the team gave up. Not wanting to let a lot of hard work go to waste I carried forward with what I could but not being a coder and then with the sudden loss of a years+ worth of work that project was closed.

Again because of the work that I put in with story design and the experience I gained with world building and immersion with an already created story universe I continued the concepts from the game into a side story. Yes originally a fan-fiction eventually became slightly more original and outside of the main universe of Naruto. Eventually I would pull away from that ever still. The Kazima Lament story stuff you will find on this blog is a precursor to what I'm working on now.
While not fully separated from Naruto it was original as far as characters and locations.

Now the re-envisioned version is separated further still keeping though of course ninjas and "magical" abilities that they have in a similar style to Naruto and other fantasy based Ninja stories but also added into the mix are western style magic users (Mages). The world itself is completely originally designed though currently only the borders exist of nations and land.

Just thought I'd write this, Jaane (bye)


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