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Noble Kingdoms 1st Novel Halfway Mark

So as of late i have been posting as much as i have been working on my novel. I had paused it for about 7 months to which i was advised. After waiting for awhile i went back to it and found i like the majority of it just as much as i did then and there fore could find the passion to finish it.

I paused it at 30,241 words. And having only resumed working on it for 3 days i have written 7,000 words. Putting the Novel officially half way written.

So in Honor of hitting that achievement i thought i'd dig out the original work i did on it and post that today!

This comes from the Novels first version, and its first chapter. A lot of which has been changed, deleted, or dropped and put else where.....

             The Summer’s Vale
                                                                       By B.T. Smith

                                                                        Chapter One

            My mind was not at first on the on-coming storm or the harrowing events that would soon come to pass. My thoughts were dominated by the events in my past; and even the history before my existence. The serenity of the castle gardens, the wisp of the wind that brought the smell of honeysuckles made me dwell more so on many of the things that made me think fondly of my days growing up. It amazed me how soon time for even the simplest of things would be gone or completely lost as I looked out past the fields and to the mountain ranges on the western side of the Kingdom. Soon a mighty storm would be upon us, once again the storm of war.
Twenty years before I was born a great and savage war had been tormenting this world. The Twelve Great Kingdoms had shut their doors to one another and it had spilled from just miring words to blades. For the longest time no one understood or knew why the kingdoms did as thus. They who were once peaceful or at least tolerant of one another suddenly struck out at one another, and the war commenced for a few decades. Every kingdom felt the strain and horror of the war; no one was left untouched, from the poor to the Kings, all suffered.
My father would become King at the age of eighteen, after my Grandfather; King Alegrius was killed while trying to find the perpetrators of the wretched war. A log of notes was found in his caravan tent that would end the war in a weary truce. As much as he could gather a group of “wise” men had been the ultimate cause. Great men who were suppose to guide kingdoms in dire need, turned away from their true just nature for power. The Seven Grand Magi’s to be precise were the cause of war, famine and death of thousands of citizens all over the Twelve Kingdoms.
The Seven Magi’s were the most powerful and wisest of beings on the planet, so it came as a devastating blow when the royal families of the Kingdoms heard of such treachery. It was surmised that the Magi’s in their ever growing lust for knowledge, magic and power; had become corrupted by the very thing that they sought. They were transformed from just and wise beings, fair in nature to hideous monstrosities. Contorted and broken by vile magics they fell farther from their purpose and used words of deception to cause the war.
With the true culprits of the war known to the great Kings of the time, a search went out from all of the Twelve Kingdoms. The Seven Magi’s were eventually found and were destroyed; but hatred had been sown so deeply into the minds of the citizens that all Magi’s around the globe were sought. Old Allies and Enemies forced out the Magi’s from their kingdoms. The Kingdoms forced them to leave their homes by bearing arms against them or with the knowledge that any Magi would be tortured until they confessed for the evil that they were and then sentenced to a cleansing, by flame.
Of the Twelve Kingdoms, only a few wanted to hunt down and kill all the Magi’s, most of the Kingdoms only banished all magic users from their lands. My Fathers kingdom was one of the more forgiving of the Kingdoms. The age was that, Magi’s were no longer welcome in any of the Twelve Kingdoms. Laws dictated that any magic user would be branded and then outcast from their homes and villages. The brand was a crude seven piercing an M. It was a simple brand usually on the back of a palm or on the top of a magic user’s wrist. Personally I always thought it looked like a poor drawing of a bird…
The Magi’s who survived the hunting, imprisonment and killing of their “kind” traveled far to a remote valley. The valley existed between two large mountain chains. It was these mountains that kept both the Magi’s isolated from the world and the world isolated from the Magi’s. Most of the Kingdoms, including my Fathers were happy with leaving the Magi’s valley alone so long as Magi’s left the world is. By the time of my birth the Valley of Magi’s as it was known was a collection of villages and towns, and brought together by a council of the eldest.
The Twelve concluded that the Magi’s territory as a Kingdom, and claimed it as the Thirteenth. Though the Magi’s were recognized, many of the Kingdoms were still spiteful, full of hatred that none of the Twelve Kingdoms would speak with the Magi’s or allow them to enter their borders. In such a short time much of the appearance of Magi’s were forgotten and rumors and myths were created. Many stemmed from the visions and accounts of the Seven, that the citizens from all over thought that all Magi’s were just like the Seven.
I remember such stories that were created from isolation. All Magi’s must have been hideous, with sharp talons, or odd clawed hands. All Magi’s had twisted horns and daemonic looking eyes. There were other stories claiming them to be hoofed or serpent tongued. I even recall one story giving the Magi’s scales. At the age of twelve however those myths and stories would be shattered by truth. A most unheard of thing at the time; an Envoy from the Magi’s Kingdom sought a visit with my Father, King Aleirus.
The Envoy was a group of nine; it consisted of eight guards from a nearby Kingdom, the Kingdom of Baltia. All I could remember of the Baltia peoples were that they were one of the rare neutral Kingdoms during the Great War. Because of that and their small size of a kingdom, no one saw them as a threat and so it was understood and accepted when the Baltia people acted more cordial to the Magi’s. However they were a part of the Twelve and reluctantly and eventually did they banish all Magi’s from their lands.
The Ninth person of the Envoy was an actual Magi, supposedly a “Princess” from the Magi Kingdom. While they traveled in my Fathers Kingdom I knew they would not be harmed, but still massive groups of people would stop and stare in the towns in which they would have traveled through. I even heard tales that people would spit in the girl’s direction or throw cabbages at her and the guards. Most of the people came out from their homes and their fields to see if all the stories of a Magi’s appearance were true. When they finally reached the Royal Capital soldiers, knights and guardsmen had to be called out so the main procession way was clear so the Envoy could reach the Castle.   
I must admit even I was curious to see if this girl was human at all. I watched leaning on a parapet of the Castle. And as the Envoy came closer and closer to the Castle I could see in the middle of the guards there was a girl. She must have been around my age and looked absolutely normal to me. With that let down I left to go study, I had been hopping she would have horns at least. At twelve years old I was deemed not ready to learn of the politics as they occurred, but old enough to study on what had happened years before. I had learned languages and economics, I had the education and then more than the stuff that royalty had.
I could speak fluently in the common tongue, and several other languages, such languages as the mysterious Kingdom of Taipa, to the language of the stout mountain men of the Kingdom of Ghawird. But even with all my brilliance and astute nature I was still too immature in my father’s eyes. I suppose after looking back he was right, there were many times when I disobeyed him or my tutors. Though I confess I was still upset when I was told I was not allowed to hear what the Envoy had to say…

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Kazima Lament: Sunaomo pt.2

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka/Tenzo Hoga/ Yumena Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25/??/29
Location:  Sunaomo no Sato pt.2

“Really, she’s your older sister!?” Hatsumi sputtered out as Zeff’s sister eyed up Hatsumi across the room. “I mean she’s so much more attractive than what I imagine from your stories. And how is it she looks as young as you Zeff-sama?” Hatsumi tugs on Zeff’s shirt again as Zeff’s sister smiles in turn.
Zeff rubbed his forehead as his gaze fell down at the desk.  “Yumena Taka; she is no less innocent then you are.” Zeff pokes Hatsumi on her nose.
Hatsumi frowns and continues to stare at Yumena.
Yumena smiles then diverts her attention. “I am sorry Tenzo-sama of the Hoga of Sunaomo; Zenju-sama couldn’t make it. We were ambushed shortly after leaving Takane. Most likely from the revolutionary group but we can’t be too certain. We decided it would be safer if Zenju remained in Takane so we came in his stead.” Yumena softly bowed.
“How fortunate you were ambushed.” I softly said glaring at the Taka’s across the room as I clenched my unseen hand.

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Words With In Me

<Words With in Me>
                                                                                B.T. Smith 2012

Do you see my heart?
                Do you know that it bleeds… in time you’ll see.
Those words, those deeds; planted like seeds.
                Roses which bloom, they weep that which drains; Drains from me.

Do you see inside of me? Can you understand that which leaves me?
                Do you know that blood that seeps? Blackness deep.
Long kept ink to you; Sealed so long ago on these pages that left in stages.
                Lines of the Times, the Pain, the shame… but you’ll never understand the insane.

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Random Thoughts I

11/29/2012                             Random Thoughts I

First things first I feel like there haven’t been much achieved with my work as of late of course I blame the holidays and work running me ragged but still there’s a side of me in it too. You can’t keep blaming everyone else but yourself you know you play a role in it all too. So first I thought what I could do; well by lowering my quota all over and yet leaving the time slots for writing the same I felt I can accomplish more. Accomplish more.

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Thanksgiving Holiday Week News

So its been a minute since i posted. I apologize for that as its been thanksgiving week and black Friday prep.  TFoTT: Part 9 has been finished and posted and Sunaomo part 2 should be finished in a few days. I have gotten back into writing on The Summers Vale Novel as well as The Path: [Hell's] Reign Novella. So now my time has been split between  The Novel, The Novella, here on the Blog which has been focusing on TFoTT & Kazima Lament, as well as my deviant art: There are several other projects also in the works that take up a percentage of my time.

So i have things to keep me busy.

TFoTT: Part 9

 “The Soldiers of Nilam are all equipped with polished banded metal plates that move and protect vital areas while providing some maneuverability unlike the rigid armor breastplates of the day. Officers in the Nilam military all have blue cloaks that are stylized by rank and command. The Nilam Castle Guard has a silver lion on their cloaks and shields where as the regular army symbol is just silver bands.”
            -          Kingdom Article de Historical (914).

“So the festival is finally here, it is tomorrow right is it not?”

“Zelm, you should already know that answer; however, it is tomorrow. Aren’t you overseeing the festival fireworks display?”

Sunday, November 11, 2012

TFoTT: Part 8

“Vidarr is the Warrior of the Forest; it is the largest Kingdom in the world. It holds the oldest forests as well as the largest forests. Due to its large size as a Kingdom it has been the most militant to sustain its land and protect its resources. In the Vidarr armies the soldiers are fitted with a bronze like metal which is comparable to the other kingdoms metals but leaves the armor to have a brownish color. Coupled with leather and green fabrics the Army often times seems to blend into their native forests and fields.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (877).

“Sorry Lieutenant my hands are tied they are after all royal orders.” The newly appointed Temporary Captain of the Guard shrugs his shoulders.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kazima Lament: Sunaomo no Sato pt.1

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25
Location:  Sunaomo no Sato pt. 1

                Sunaomo; like home, at least for a time and now I return…
                The group reached the main center of the village brought there by Sunaomo guards.
                “Tenzo-sama” Zeff bowed earnestly towards the man standing before them. Hatsumi followed Zeff and paid her respects before looking around.
                “So there is someone even a piece of trash like you whom you are even respectful too, I am amazed.” Hataya looked off to the side after closing his mouth. Hatsumi clenched her fists and glared at the man.
                “Out of respect for Tenzo, and the Sunaomo people I will ignore your ignorant cowardly mouth. But should you speak again like that outside these walls Hataya, you won’t be a coward like your parents you will be a dead man hanging from my walls for your pathetic family to see “. Zeff raised his hand and Hatsumi pulled it back down before shaking her head and then glaring back at Hataya.

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SW: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours Prologue

                Star Wars: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours…
                                Original Story By: B. T. Smith
                                                Star Wars Universe by: George Lucas.
                                                 Dramatis Personae:
                                    Acen Zedel; Jedi Knight (Lorrdian male)
                                    Oth Selles; Jedi Master (Zabrak male)
                                    Celess Teeina; Jedi Knight (Human female)
                                    Sakai Arashi; Jedi Master (Mirialan male)
                                    Sarna Truen; Jedi Knight (“Hybrid” Falleen female)
                                    Mer-Lian; Imperial Inquisitor (Chagrian male)
                                    Naell Dun; Imperial Captain, Pursuance (Kiffar male)

          Four years after the rise and founding of the Galactic Empire [approximately 15 years before Episode IV: A New Hope] A group of Jedi hide among a group of Colonists on the previously uninhabited world of Talasea, in the Morobe system.

            “Why must we wait here again?” the young Celess questioned out loud.
The Jedi Knight sitting beside her sighed out loud in irritation “Because, this is how Master operates; only two Jedi in town at one time, the others must train here in the Twilight cavern.”
            Celess nodded her head as she tried to follow the logic. “Okay… but why does it have to be in a cold, dank, not to mention dark cave!?” Celess pouted.
            The Jedi beside her clenched her fist and then relaxed herself. “The walls of this cavern act as a buffer to force energy; so we can train with lightsabers, and practice our connection to the force without worry that imperial hunters would spot us, now do you understand young one…” She hissed softly at the end. “Now no more talking, you should have been meditating, and trying to find the answers to all your questions from within…”
            “Yes, Master Truen…” She frowned as she didn’t understand why the Jedi beside her seemed so… irritated and distant.
            Truen’s body tensed and then relaxed, “You can just call me Sarna, no need to call me a Master or use my last name…”
            “Oh…” Celess paused for a minute and thought about Jedi protocol and procedure, “Yes Master Sarna, sorry I mean Sarna…”

Hurricane Vileness News

SOOOO because of Hurricane Sandy that hit the Eastern coast of the U.S I hadn't had power for over 30 hours but still had to go to my normal job so my writing had been on hold. Though now with power and being held up by regular work the Writing has commenced,  The next Kazima Lament part as well as the next part to The Fate of Three Trees will be posted tomorrow. Today i have decided to post the prologue to an Fan based story set in the STAR WARS Universe. Of which the Precursor i will probably write and post on here at some point.

On another note this week i will be assessing a Novel i have been working on and may re-pen and finish it and put it through editing; though as of right now it is 1.3 of the way done.

End of the week will see continued work on game stories; and Novella::::::    The Path: [Hell's] Reign

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Kazima Lament: Desert Gate

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff/ Hatsumi Kimura/ Yukari/ Hataya Taka
Age: 23/18/19/25
Location:  Mon no Sabaku / Desert Gate

                “They’re late” Zeff grumbles as he stretches his neck.
                “They probably were just now told of the situation and to meet us here, Master.”  Zeff glares at Hatsumi.
“Sorry Zeff-sama. I forget that you don’t like being called that.” Zeff frowns. “But, Zeff-sama you are the Master of the Kazima’s, now.” Hatsumi tilts her head while holding a finger to her lips.
                “Leader… Maybe so but I am not the master of anyone’s fate other than my own so remember that Hatsumi.”
                “Yes but you saved me from a fate worse than death, my life is but yours!” Hatsumi frowned in turn. “I have told you that many times now, Zeff-sama.” Hatsumi kneels to one knee bowing before him only to pounce in his momentary lapse of guard. Hugging Zeff tightly around the waist making him let forth a minor gasp.

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TFoTT: Part 7

“The Principality of Aire was once believed to be larger than the Kingdom of Nilam. Lore within one of the older Kingdom states of Aire recalls a land to the south east that was once attached. No Such land has been found it has be hypothesized that the ocean swallowed the land whole or that it detached and started drifting into the Ocean following currents.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (499).

Sho takes a sip from his mug. “So are we really off duty till after the tournament?”

“Yes we are, though we are suspended it comes with pay and we still hold our ranks it’s just unless something happens were off duty. We are to not participate in daily tasks and regular duties it isn’t all that bad Sho.”

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.4

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Mayu / Zeff / Raito Wakahisa/ Hatsumi Kimura   
Age: ?/23/19/18
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

                “So I have decided against helping them. After all I loathe them and their kin.” Zeff clenched his fist before spinning around to see Mayu and Raito.
                “You know I don’t think that acceptable Zeff, you promised to keep your oath to me and I say you’re going to help them.” Lady Mayu crosses her arms as she stares down Zeff.
                “Zeff-sama don’t be unreasonable, it’s true you have a promise to keep to Lady Mayu so why don’t you keep it and then if later in time you can enact revenge yourself! There is nothing better than building an enemy up only to tear them down later.” Raito interject only to get a frown from both Zeff and Lady Mayu… “No? That wouldn’t work?”

Monday, October 22, 2012

FLASHBACK: Ancestry of the Fate of Three Trees

THE ORIGIN OF the Fate of Three Trees:

Original "TFoTT" started its life as a short story (two pages) for a middle school project; titled Century Duel. The general story was over a tournament that took place in real life among friends and while reality it was just fun the story of Century Duel tried to make it more dramatic and seem more serious than what it really was.

Early in high school I had started several projects outside of work although much of my writing time then was devoted to poetry, now it is writing stories and worlds. One of those projects started was called Fate and it was based on Century Duel, and took characteristics from the people of real life that I equated to characters. Within Fate I tried to create a world specifically for that story taken it further from reality. Though Fate is an incomplete story; I later returned to it to add pieces of it until i stopped due to school, work, another project(which had most of my focus from high school and into college) and illness.

After my one project i finished, i decided not to continue Fate but to work on re-envisioned story and story world. I realized after reading through fate that it rambled, it went on and on over things not essential to the story and contained way too much summary in my idea, This story is not one of my bets works or better ones since it was written during high school but since there is truth from for me at least i do enjoy looking over it from time to time so i hope those that do read it that there is some entertainment from it for you.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.3 (continuation: 2)

“So some of the villagers started to show signs of animosity towards Zeff? Events and accidents not truly associated with him, he started too blamed for? And evens till some villagers most likely spoke out about him learning your clan’s secrets…am I right Tenzo?”
Tenzo sighs before nodding. “You are correct. The mysterious nature of the Kazima and Zeff’s previous experiences made him already reclusive to the point only a few knew his identity. So I can understand a little apprehensive however he had my full faith and still. They don’t know the power he contains and can wield. The proof comes from the fact that they all live despite the severity of the accident.”
“What happen to him after the accident?” Yukari squeaked out.
“He woke a week later; Zeff had managed to survive despite the grievous wounds through the abilities of a Kazima. The abilities of a Kazima depend on the type of blood they acquire.”  Tenzo stopped and looked at Zenju.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt3.

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Mayu Kazima/ Yukari Taka
Age:  ? /19
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

“You’re fond of him aren’t you young Taka.” Lady Mayu smiled again as she slowly walked side by side with Yukari.
Yukari blushed slightly before shaking her head. “No… well maybe a little I have always liked Zeff. He was admirable when we were kids. Always tried help even when the other families didn’t want to have anything to do with him. So I guess I can understand why he is so cold…it’s just I…”
“You wish he was like his childhood self?” Lady Mayu looked down at Yukari as they slowly walked through several arch ways.
“o-of course I do!” Yukari stopped and put her hand to her mouth as she blushed. “Sorry.” She looked down at the floor. “I wish the war that reached our village was ended before it had… Zeff had a hard childhood as it was. Maybe, if only the war had never started or if it happened later and Zeff could have showed is worth, his mettle that…then maybe these events wouldn’t have happened.” Yukari sighs.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Intoxicated Soul: Opening the Cask

“You know they say when a person loses that which makes them, them; they lose heart. The reality of this world takes a toll on ones being, and you become such an empty shell.” A long grey haired man downed another large cup of earthly but still pungent liquid. He let out a gasp of air as the liquid burned his throat on the way down. “You know this is God’s own salvation.”
“What do you mean God’s own Salvation?” A younger man sitting at the very same table as the older man quickly questioned before readjusting his glasses and dipping a quill feather into a jar of black muck. The older man hiccuped before cocking his head to one side to look at this young man.
“Young pup listen up… This is God’s Salvation the sweet delicious liquor that allows him to bear no weight upon his decisions; it’s his drink that calms his nerves…” The old man was interrupted by a young impetuous noble. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

FR: You Can't Be A Hero

~Let Us Knight’s Handle This!~

*A giant Purple eyed, Pink Dragon Swoops down upon a small village causing havoc. Several Knights have been tracking this Dragon for Days*

Knight:  We have found the cursed Dragon! Quick it’s assaulting that defenseless village! *Several Knights saddle up and ride towards the Village, Leaving another fellow Knight and an Ornate Knight behind*

A Scene from The Falcons of Terra Firma

This scene is between the designer of the Falcons and one of the two Princesses that live aboard the Falcon of Fire. The Designer is Jiro Kazima (Jiro Kazima is named as thus because his real name is lost, and Kazima was the only word that they could read at the bottom of the pages in the designs. Jiro means Second Son. And the Princess; Princess Erika Sakai. Erika means Like the evergreen plant, Erika likes to sit in the ships park.

The Scene opens to the room in which JK is being kept which is adjacent to his Capsule compartment which he had slept or worked in for over 1,000 years, the room is large and empty and un-adorned, as if it was an unused storeroom.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.2

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima/ Yukari Taka & Hataya Taka
Age: 23/19 & 25
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

Zeff pulls out a knife. “I need the top of your arm…”
“Run Yukari-sama… don’t trust him…” Hataya tries to crawl closer and then collapses in a heap of pants.
Yukari frowns at Hataya and stares into Zeff’s eyes. “You have to cut my arm…?” Zeff unsheathes the small blade.
Yukari thinks shifting her eyes back and forth. “For pain?”
Zeff raises an eyebrow looking at Yukari. “No for your blood, Yukari-chan. While pain can be used to see if one is lying that is not the purpose here. I have a better method.” Zeff raises Yukari’s arm up as she slowly lets him do so. Zeff pauses after pressing the blade into her skin and looks at her. “Torturing is not what I am into…”

Friday, September 28, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt1

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima
Age: 23
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

                Five people enter the darkened room. Four of the five that entered were men the fifth was a female who was flanked on all four corners. Cold eyes watched from a throne and a dais on the opposite end of the room as the guests continued forward. Torches flickered light out casting shadows around the room.
                “Zeff Taka!” The eldest looking male spoke out from his spot on the right corner. He glared at the man on the throne. His gaze was equally met with disdain. Moments of silence went by before Zeff got up from the throne.
                “What?” The eldest and then the other three males clenched their fists. The female just tilted her head as she shifted the large scroll on her back moved with her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kazima Lament Character Design Reference

Lady Mayu Kazima Character Design.

 Hatsumi Kimura Character Design

Yukari Taka. (Yukari Tattoo Art)  Design Character Design

Designs By me.  © DSC & ZeffKazima.Deviantart

Monday, September 24, 2012

Kazima Lament: In the Midst pt 2.

Circa; The Aftermath
Name:  Zeff Taka & Lady Mayu
Age: 13 / Unknown
Location: Lady Mayu’s Home

                “How is it?” Lady Mayu lifted her cup and sipped a few times from it while staring at me as I ate.
                “It is good, uhm… thank you Lady Mayu.” Shifting in my seat I stared back at her before blushing and looking away. I looked at her again before eating some more. “So Lady Mayu, you said you were going to give me something to protect me from those of my family that seek to end my existence…”
                She sipped from her cup again. “You are welcome young Zeff, and indeed I did say that-“
                “What are you going to teach me? Is it ninjutsu or genjutsu? How will that be parlayed into something I can use? How can it be something that is able to help me stay alive? What can I do to stay breathing until I can prove my innocence!?” I slammed my fists down on the table before clenching my teeth and fists before looking back at Lady Mayu. “Sorry…” I pulled my hands off the table as I looked down.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kazima Lament: In the Midst pt.1

Circa; The Aftermath
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13
Location: Genjutsu User’s Home

                “Why would they… think that I. That I would have killed my own parents!?” My hands shook in fury before I outstretched them reasoning with my hands to an imaginary family member.  “It wasn’t me! It was, that man with that grin! His grin that smirked as if knowing the pain he was causing and his excitement and pleasure from all of it!”
                “A grin? That’s not much to go on young Taka; I don’t think your fellow clan members would believe you. That alone will not save you from them, no. If you want to return home, you need to remember more…”
                Remember more…“His eyes…”

Friday, September 21, 2012

KL: Character Notation: Kamui Faction

Character heights/ages/weights are based after a time skip. Previous Known Name is included in ( ), [ ] denotes title.
 Kamui "Faction" has shared "Known" information about them included....

Name: Kamui
Clan: Unknown
Curse: -
Sex: Male
Age: 28?
Eyes: Gold
Height: 6’0”?
Weight: 162 lbs.?
Hair: Black & White
Village: Unknown
Rank:Unknown/ Presumable Jonin Level

Element1: Water
Special: Nikkogan

·         Wielder of the Nikkogan(sunlight eyes)- If this rumor is true than this Kamui posses the ability to see the world in perpetual day. For a Nikkogan User there is no Darkness, and no Night.

Kamui has been seen using the Water Element in Combat...

Name: Taronako
Clan: Unknown
Curse: -
Sex: Male
Age: 23?
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155 lbs.?
Hair: Blonde
Village: Unknown
Rank: Unknown/ Presumably Jonin
Element2: Wind

Notes:  Is always/ almost always seen around Sorazu.
Has been seen using both Earth and Wind Elements in Combat.

Name:  Sorazu
Clan: Unknown
Curse: -
Sex: Male
Age: 23?
Eyes: Brown
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 178 lbs.?
Hair: Dark Brown
Village: Unknown
Rank: Unknown/ Presumably Jonin
Element1: Wind

Notes: Is always/almost always seen around Taronako.
      Has been seen using Wind Element, also reported that it may or may not be his primary Element.