Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Vileness News

SOOOO because of Hurricane Sandy that hit the Eastern coast of the U.S I hadn't had power for over 30 hours but still had to go to my normal job so my writing had been on hold. Though now with power and being held up by regular work the Writing has commenced,  The next Kazima Lament part as well as the next part to The Fate of Three Trees will be posted tomorrow. Today i have decided to post the prologue to an Fan based story set in the STAR WARS Universe. Of which the Precursor i will probably write and post on here at some point.

On another note this week i will be assessing a Novel i have been working on and may re-pen and finish it and put it through editing; though as of right now it is 1.3 of the way done.

End of the week will see continued work on game stories; and Novella::::::    The Path: [Hell's] Reign

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