Tuesday, November 6, 2012

SW: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours Prologue

                Star Wars: Jedi Prophecies- Dark Hours…
                                Original Story By: B. T. Smith
                                                Star Wars Universe by: George Lucas.
                                                 Dramatis Personae:
                                    Acen Zedel; Jedi Knight (Lorrdian male)
                                    Oth Selles; Jedi Master (Zabrak male)
                                    Celess Teeina; Jedi Knight (Human female)
                                    Sakai Arashi; Jedi Master (Mirialan male)
                                    Sarna Truen; Jedi Knight (“Hybrid” Falleen female)
                                    Mer-Lian; Imperial Inquisitor (Chagrian male)
                                    Naell Dun; Imperial Captain, Pursuance (Kiffar male)

          Four years after the rise and founding of the Galactic Empire [approximately 15 years before Episode IV: A New Hope] A group of Jedi hide among a group of Colonists on the previously uninhabited world of Talasea, in the Morobe system.

            “Why must we wait here again?” the young Celess questioned out loud.
The Jedi Knight sitting beside her sighed out loud in irritation “Because, this is how Master operates; only two Jedi in town at one time, the others must train here in the Twilight cavern.”
            Celess nodded her head as she tried to follow the logic. “Okay… but why does it have to be in a cold, dank, not to mention dark cave!?” Celess pouted.
            The Jedi beside her clenched her fist and then relaxed herself. “The walls of this cavern act as a buffer to force energy; so we can train with lightsabers, and practice our connection to the force without worry that imperial hunters would spot us, now do you understand young one…” She hissed softly at the end. “Now no more talking, you should have been meditating, and trying to find the answers to all your questions from within…”
            “Yes, Master Truen…” She frowned as she didn’t understand why the Jedi beside her seemed so… irritated and distant.
            Truen’s body tensed and then relaxed, “You can just call me Sarna, no need to call me a Master or use my last name…”
            “Oh…” Celess paused for a minute and thought about Jedi protocol and procedure, “Yes Master Sarna, sorry I mean Sarna…”

            For a minute Sarna just stared at Celess. Celess feeling uneasy moved slightly as if trying to reposition herself. The entire squirming session of Celess made Sarna chuckle. “Don’t worry about it Celess.” Sarna closed her eyes and went back to meditating.
            Celess relaxed bit as the air in the cave seemed to relax, it was open and free. “Sorry Sarna, this is the first time we have been here together, I mean normally I’m here with Master Selles or occasionally Master Zedel.”
            Sarna’s agitation returned. “Wait you’ve been here; alone, with Acen? I mean Master Zedel…” Celess nodded her head. Sarna started muttering to herself, barely audible “That’s not fair I haven’t been here training with Zedel yet…”
            “Sarna?” Celess looked at Sarna as her face had turned to shades of red…
            “What is it?” Sarna broke off her thoughts and looked at Celess and then frowned.
            “Shouldn’t we be meditating like you said?” Celess turned her head to the side a bit and pondered at Sarna.
            “Oh… right, yes we should Celess…” Sarna stammered out her answer. The two Jedi’s sat there in the dim glittering light of the cave, as their small electrical camp light basked a light glow on the sides of their faces.
“Acen…” A tired and weary Zabrakian looked out from under the overhang he slept under.
            “Yes Master?” A man with a long spike of a ponytail walked over from a cliff of to the side. The Jedi Master stared at his former student, remembering past trials and adventures, all the time watching the young Lorrdian before him grow up and become a Jedi Knight, one of the last to pass the trials.  “Master Selles?” The Lorrdian questioned the Zabrakian again.
            Oth Selles sighed as he sat up “Sorry Acen, I was thinking on how proud I am of you, my last student.”
            “Last? Master what about Celess?” Acen looked slightly confused.
            “Celess is your student, I know you will train her well, but there is another thing, I want you to promise me.”
“Yes Master what is it?” Acen’s undivided attention was given to his former Master.
“Whatever happens in the coming days, I want you to stay here, stay under this overhang.” Master Selles looked around him and sighed “I am sorry for situation we are all in” Master Selles got up and walked out of the overhang and starred at the village down below and then up into the sky.
“Yes Master, and the situation? Master do you mean the Empire or do you mean the Jedi Hunt?”
“Both.” Master Selles answered as both Jedi’s attention were drawn to the skies above them…

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