Friday, November 23, 2012

TFoTT: Part 9

 “The Soldiers of Nilam are all equipped with polished banded metal plates that move and protect vital areas while providing some maneuverability unlike the rigid armor breastplates of the day. Officers in the Nilam military all have blue cloaks that are stylized by rank and command. The Nilam Castle Guard has a silver lion on their cloaks and shields where as the regular army symbol is just silver bands.”
            -          Kingdom Article de Historical (914).

“So the festival is finally here, it is tomorrow right is it not?”

“Zelm, you should already know that answer; however, it is tomorrow. Aren’t you overseeing the festival fireworks display?”

“Yes of course after all it is pretty fire in the sky kind of like stars but closer…”

“Are you insinuating that the stars are fireworks from other… lands… floating lands?”
Zelm rolls his eyes “Oh brother, I didn’t mean it like that but as of late I have been thinking of other applications.”

“Other applications? What other things could you do with fireworks?” Zeff looked at his armor as he polished his shield.

Zelm nodded a bit “Naturally I mean for festivals there are minerals added that make it change colors or make different noises. And we know that if too much of the minerals are stored in a place they can explode and cause serious damage. What if we made containers full of the minerals on purpose we could harness that explosive power to destroy fortifications or defend them. Might we even be able to shoot fireworks at charging opponents on the field to scare them off if we’re at a disadvantage?”

“So used in combat” Sho frowns “That’s so…”

“I know brilliant right!” Zelm smirks.


Zelm frowns “So what? War is war regardless of how you look at it combat is at itself dishonest and vile among other things. More important think of the lives it could save if used as a deterrent or in a siege. You are saying you wouldn’t do everything you could to stop a siege here in Nilam?”

“No… of course I would do whatever I could in case of a siege but there hasn’t been a siege in any of the kingdoms in over fifty years. Though honestly I don’t I would have thought of using fireworks in any defensive or offensive sense. I suppose you’d replace the color minerals with other slow burning ones or explosive ones. You could even add metal arrow heads or pitch there is a lot of potential there Zelm I suppose you are brilliant but as you know i am very much an…”

“Old school warrior, I know. However times change, they always do as nothing remains the same forever. I know that you know that. You were the one who told me that. I just want to see when everyone else has begun fighting dirty that Nilam had known about it before they even decided on fighting dirty. You can’t defend against something you have no knowledge on.”

“You make a point there. Did you bring this up to the councilors? The King? Any of the strategists at least?”

“Yeah I did and they said they would think on that so for now I have just been experimenting slowly while we had been preparing for the festival I got extra supplies. As for the festival itself everything is set we just need to go home and sleep. So I’ll see you tomorrow.” 

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