Monday, December 3, 2012

Words With In Me

<Words With in Me>
                                                                                B.T. Smith 2012

Do you see my heart?
                Do you know that it bleeds… in time you’ll see.
Those words, those deeds; planted like seeds.
                Roses which bloom, they weep that which drains; Drains from me.

Do you see inside of me? Can you understand that which leaves me?
                Do you know that blood that seeps? Blackness deep.
Long kept ink to you; Sealed so long ago on these pages that left in stages.
                Lines of the Times, the Pain, the shame… but you’ll never understand the insane.

Where did you go? Can you tell me the truth that I may never know?
                Do you know what’s inside of you? Can you keep on hiding…?
Those long lost words that bore down deep. Will they always be forbidden?
                Will I ever find you, left like me; in shock, unsure of what would be?

One day will you pretend that you’re okay? Left alone from all the fakes.
                I’ll tell you we’ve made a lot of mistakes.
Do you see, inside me? Will you ever understand, what’s left of me?
                Words between us can never say the truth, but you know you’re in the wrong.

All those times we held hands, and kissed ever deep…
                Could you tell me… you’d wound me?
One day you’ll see the karma will be steep.
                The pain will be harder for thee.

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