Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kazima Lament: In the Midst pt.1

Circa; The Aftermath
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13
Location: Genjutsu User’s Home

                “Why would they… think that I. That I would have killed my own parents!?” My hands shook in fury before I outstretched them reasoning with my hands to an imaginary family member.  “It wasn’t me! It was, that man with that grin! His grin that smirked as if knowing the pain he was causing and his excitement and pleasure from all of it!”
                “A grin? That’s not much to go on young Taka; I don’t think your fellow clan members would believe you. That alone will not save you from them, no. If you want to return home, you need to remember more…”
                Remember more…“His eyes…”

                “Yes?”  The figure faded back into the illusion and then reappeared behind and against me. One hand gripping my left while the figures other hand was in front of me against my chest. The figures hands were delicate and pale with slender fingers and long painted nails in maroon. “Go on… young Taka.”
“They… They were yellow, gold like. He seemed familiar but I couldn’t see his whole face at all. I remember is his eyes and that grin, also how much blood that covered him. Wait why would you care to believe me…?” Shifting in my spot realizing I was now stuck as I stared at my captors Grey Eyes.
                “Gold like eyes? Nikkogan… Unlike your ordinary red eyes, lovely as they may be if the true suspect had gold eyes and they possessed the Nikkogan I am curious how you survived. Hmm?”
                I struggled under the Genjutsu users hold as I realized the illusion I was under had faded. “You didn’t answer me first, why do you care if it was me or not. Why would you believe me!?”
                My captor lightly smirked hidden by their hood. “I have been watching you Zeff Taka, the “Black sheep” of the Taka clan. From what I have seen you have only ever been a kind and helpful person. You have yet to explode out in rage that you must bottle up against your family. Yet you only ever smile or nod and are polite even when your cousin and distant relatives pick on you or look down on you. It’s not in your nature… is it?”
                “No it goes against my nature to harm those I love.”
                “There is a way for me to truly believe you and for me to help you so they won’t capture you. Many of the people who hunt you already see you as a black mark to their name so I doubt they would even let you explain.” My captor took off their cloak and hood and revealed a beauty hidden.
                “I figured you for female but I never figured you to be attractive…”
                 The lady smirked again. “Thank you Zeff.” She stood in front of me as she started to smile before brushing her left hand’s pointer finger on her bottom lip. “I’m Mayu, Lady Mayu and you dear Zeff remind me of someone from long ago and that is why I am willing to help you. First though I suggest we eat…”

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