Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Of Life & Sorrow ::Philosophical Ramble::

In this world, death only warrants death. Life only spares death. And we walk on a fine thinning line that balances us precariously between a life, of lives opened to happiness; and one of death, and to sorrow. Strange is it that a man/woman born of the same mother can be so different and almost born of ill hate, un-wanted and despised, and yet he/she was just born. The other born with the protection of God or some such of origin or mythos, and he /she can do no wrong. Both share the same blood, yet one is forsaken, destined for a life wrought in darkness, and for what? For sins he/she/they did not trespass? The vanity of his/her ilk; some long lost ire? Or is it because of his/her disposition to great things, or terrible things?

One knows not of what his/her desires truly speak of…and may that be the cause of his/her suffering? And you can not simply try to forget these desires and thoughts, for its basis and power emanates from our animalistic self shot between our civil and uncivil being/ ego and super ego. Still why does this man/woman suffer for an offense given or spared in a time he/she was not yet born? And why does his/her brother/sister of blood, not share in that ever gripping pain?
It is inadvertent that the fact of his/her suffering lies in what a man/woman chooses in his/her life and can be shared to others like a ripple in a pond. Where one wave flows out followed by many others mirroring the first until its thoughts die out only to be replaced with similar fashion.
And just as Many Great Men/Woman endure great suffering and sorrow to go forth and spare us of our sins, our pains and our tribulations and give forth to raise great wisdom or heresies. As they were meant to suffer so is this man/woman? Among and many others who will follow; will Life & Death give them peace? Greatness? Infamy? Who knows? Truly…
 One can state that this suffering is but a test. A test of will and faith, and let not one slip or he/she shall fall unto darkness and despair like that of which he/she has never known and may never get out. Though it should be said that the Test is only with one’s self…

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