Tuesday, September 4, 2012

TFoTT: Part 6

“The Geir army blackens their armor following tradition. It’s a great contrast to the bright yellow cloth they use, and when alone it makes them blend into their cities dark stone building materials. Some of the Generals of Geir have been known to wear gold accented/decorated filigree blacked armor.”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

            “Princess do you honestly think it is wise to make Sho unable to perform his duties prior to the tournament. I don’t think I have seen him happy outside of ‘fulfilling his duty’. Considering I am one of his best friends that’s… saying something.”

            “He has been happy what about the account of the last tournament?”

            “Yes well Princess that’s because he did it all in the name of duty, then again his father was there able to watch him before his death. Maybe you’re right.”

            “See so I am right!”

            “Maybe Princess, but it was your idea to recommend him for the tournament to your father as well as Zelm and I, for the appearance like the Kingdom is solely focused upon the tournament and therefore blind to all else that moves. I am unsure why we have to not be on duty though.

            “Yes, I know. However, this could be a chance to make him spend time with Hana. Don’t give me that look adviser Skye…“ the Princess looks outside to the fountain. “I realize I love Sho… but no one on the surface of this world loves Sho as much as Hana. She is like a sister to me and a dear friend. So I want to see her happy. Is that bad?”

            Adviser Skye blinks and thinks, “No Princess it isn’t in fact it’s the reason you will make a great queen one day, your subjects and their well being is always at the fore front of your thoughts and desires.” Skye bows and then stands back up. “Again at your bequest I sent notes to both Lieutenants Hana and Ren in regards to the tournament. It seems the 2nd Lieutenant Ren has declined is not going to compete. Hana has not returned a response I am guessing she knows about Sho and his charge at this point so she probably will decline… unless.”


            “Unless we force her to compete in the tournament as I, Zelm, and Sho are being and of course make her ineligible for duty.”

            “Do you think that’s acceptable adviser?”

            “Acceptable? No. Prudent? Possibly Princess.”

            “Yes adviser I think we must be prudent…” The Princess starts to scribble on a piece of paper before pressing a seal into wax on the paper. “Take this to Hana if you will or have a guard do it.”
            “Yes, at once Princess” Skye bows again taking the paper and leaves as he entered.


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