Friday, September 7, 2012

FR: The Chosen Few Article #1

A friend and I are collaborating, pooling resources and are working on a rpg game together, a game that parodies and satires on RPG's. Here is a scene i have written for the game; more so as an example. If it seems familiar than you've played FF7. If it doesn't then it comes from FF7. This is an exchange between primarily the Main Character which in Japanese RPG's is often times an emotional whinny half boy/half girl. (Androgynous) person often times with gravity defying hair that stays in shape 24/7 and is often a loner with a whimsical name related to wind and a life of wandering trying to find ones place/purpose/meaning/existence.

I give you a section of dialogue from Faiehn Ra: The Chosen Few;     Deal to save the Planet!


Gun-armed Angry Black Man: Don’t you wish to save the planet?
Androgyny & Emotional Ridden Main Character: No.
GABM: It’s your problem too, you live on the planet!
GABM: If it dies, all the people, animals and plants will die. Then you will die you little $&#%(shit)!
GABM: *$$#@le, why do you keep saying no!?
A+ERMC: I don’t *thinks for a minute* No.
GABM: You don’t know… YOU DON’T KNOW!? Let me tell you-
A+ERMC: No, Just No. Not Know.
GABM: You little piece of $&#%, mother #*$&^#; G*dless ^ast@#%..! Wait…. What if I pay you again as if it was another job?
GABM: You did the last job for money @$$!
A+ERMC: Hmm… *thinks* Fine, new job new rates.
GABM:  #*$&^#! Fine… a 50% increase in pay.
A+ERMC: Double.
GABM: 75%... That’s my last offer.
A+ERMC: Double.
GABM: *Growls* Fine, okay, Double.
A+ERMC: Eh, No thanks deals off… unless I get triple…
GABM: WHAT! $%#^*&^ Triple!? NO, no way that’s for my baby girl’s education 
(((funding for an imaginary college; or a presumably an Online college.)))

Scantily Clad Bimbo *Enters and stops next to A+ERMC as her chest bounces*
SCB: He’ll do it for Double GABM! Hehe.
GABM: Double?
GABM & SCB: Double!?
A+ERMC: *stares at SCB* *sighs* Fine, Double but I get the rights to SCB.

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