Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kazima Lamentation: Black Clay Forest pt2.

Circa; The Aftermath of the Last Great Ninja War
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13
Location: Unknown (presumably the Black Clay Forest)

                “I didn’t sleep much it seems” looking out the cave the rain continues to fall and I heavily sigh “Why won’t it stop? I need to get home but with the weather keeping up I won’t know the direction I am going”. Not like I know which direction lies home…
                Rolling over I placed a few large pieces of wood from the bundle onto the flaming embers, and closed my eyes to conserve myself. I would wait for the storm to pass. I found myself dwelling on what put me into this predicament; a loss I could only understand deeply in my chest.  Every time I close my eyes though I see images of my mother lying on the floor in a pool of her own blood and my father stuck to a post by several blades.
                Shuttering from the recent past I stare into the small dancing flames and curl into a ball closer to the flames. If it doesn’t stop pouring I’m going anyways tomorrow, I need to find a road and some signs. “Something. Anything… A sign for my village.”

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