Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Five

3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                                        Day: Five

            I went back outside after yesterdays build. Standing on the deck I realized when it rains not only would the boxes potentially become swamps but the majority of deck could as well. Besides the obvious wetness it would or could make the deck weigh too much. Josh sighs “More work,  though I guess it’s better to get everything out of the way and then try and rest and forgot about the situation at hand… “

            I decided to air on the side of caution and started to drill holes half way up on the beds. It may have taken thirty minutes but I was hoping it would save hours of work in the future as well as protect the future vegetables and herbs. Using a chisel I made chutes from the boxes holes into the center of the armored deck. Taking time to make the chutes able to move water or hold water I made slits and squares leading to the regular decks displacements to allow water to drain.
            “I’m unsure whether or not I should make a roof” do I even have enough netting to do so. “And then what about winter… ugh… so many options, choices… and I can’t see what the correct answer…is” Well hindsight will be what it will be. “I guess I can just leave it open for discussion.”
            Waterproofing… I spent another hour applying extra water proofing and when I finished I could have sworn I heard the phone ring… “Wait, what!?”Running into the house, I got to the phone. “Hello! Hello!?”… Dial tone… Sighing I went to the room and laid down cuddling a pillow. “Will ‘they’ call back?” I hope so.

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