Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kazima Lamentation: Black Clay Forest pt. 3

Circa; The Aftermath of the Last Great Ninja War
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13
Location: Unknown (presumably the Black Clay Forest)

Sighs waking up and peering out of the cave “of course”. Staring out the sky continues to pour rain down like tears from grieving souls left alone at the village. Home.
“No, no time to dwell on how I got here. I just need to get home. I’m sure the rest of the family is worried.” Quickly tossing sand and dirt from the cave floor onto the fire, I gathered myself as I held my hands over the doused flames. I remembered the heat as I stood up and headed to the caves entrance.
“Let’s head straight and see if there is a path or road that way.”
That grin on that man’s face  Slowly my hands shook. “Wait” I came to from my thought as I realized I was standing in the middle of a pathway. “Wasn’t I just leaving the cave…?” Looking about I couldn’t spot a sign of my movements. It’s been raining non-stop so why isn’t there any foot prints in the direction I came. “Is this an Illusion?”
“So you finally noticed…”
“Who said that?” leaning back as rain continued to fall in a steady pace I brought my front leg out to the side and brought my hands up with hands opened.
“It won’t do anything, you asked the question… ‘Is this an illusion’ so trying to fight won’t help you.  It is an illusion, Zeff Taka.”
Shit. “How long have I been in your illusion?” I pulled myself back up standing straight while looking around at every direction until a figure materialized in front of me.
“You’ve been in this illusion since you passed out on the ground or since you opened your eyes and saw the rain. Even before then you’ve been trapped by my genjutsu.  As I brought you to my home.” I figured if you woke up in a bed in a house you’d just run.”
“Why am I in your illusion!?” My fists clenched until my knuckles went white.
“I already explained that; you’d most likely just leave. By the time I found you, you had left your village days prior. It seems while you were missing the People of Takane have been looking for you but not as a lost person, but as guilty of murdering your parents."
My body started to shake, as a shock went through me… “What do you mean… guilty of murdering my parents… it wasn’t… I didn’t… How could I? I couldn’t stop him so they are blaming me…”

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