Saturday, September 15, 2012

Of Life & Pain ::Philosophical Rant::

Life is full of pain. One may think that there’s no gain. Some people will blame you or you can and will only have yourself to blame. Don’t give into the shame. Pain is here, pain is there, and it can and will be everywhere. You need to see through it for what it is. Just like you life is a scared child in the dark. Alone.

                Pain is what makes us human. It’s that proof to say we are in a reality somewhere we do live. Don’t be scared, grip that wound and recognize what lead it to there. Some may come through lies many others will come from the skies. Hits that strike you down. Pick yourself up and stand above hold a hand out to all those that felt it too. A similar fate that same hurtful sensation of hate.
                Life will let you well it inside until anger and bitterness boils above. Don’t let it ruin your life just get up and grow! Any Pain you feel someone else does too, a shared tear is a shared existence; proof your life holds meaning. Proof that you too are important. Proof that pains there to teach us just to move, to grow, to learn, to know.
                Knowing Pain means Knowing Life, Knowing Life means being able to stand on one’s own two feet and offer helping hands when people reach up from the ground in pools of tears. All it takes is one. One person, one ear, ones words ones tears just to show that they care to show that LIFE is worth Pain! If all you’ll understand is that everyone hurts and it’s alright. Shed that tear, shed that fear. Live Life.

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