Tuesday, September 11, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Six

3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                                        Day: Six

            Rummaging around in boxes before sighing. “So many supplies, not too many and possibly not enough but still a lot to go through alone, man I wish I could talk to someone, anyone.” Amazing how lonely one gets in the matter of a few days…
            Lying on my back I stared at the ceiling. “What is the point of surviving if I am alone?” Am I alone? “Alone…?” What if? “But then again there was that phone call yesterday… and even possibly before! Yes I’m certain there are others. Ugh it could be a recorded message.”

            Stop it. “If it was recorded it would have left a message, no such things were left.” Blinking I moved and looked at the next wall before me. Suddenly the phone rang. “What!? Man its definitely ringing this time, I have to find it” throwing items around. I quickly scurry about tossing everything even the items I started sorting. “Here it is…”
“Hello, Hello?”  
“Josh!? Oh thank G-d! Shh…shh… I can’t hear. Josh is it truly you? Is… everything true that was on the TV?”
“Yes Laura it seems it’s all true. Is that Alyssa I hear whimpering in the background? Are you both okay?”
“I see... We have been so frightened. Alyssa and I haven’t heard from our parents since it all began, half of our perishable food is gone. We have locked all doors and windows and I have a pistol with me at all times. We haven’t slept much.”
“How did you know I was here? And not in the bunker?”
“You have a bunker!? Wait… what’s a bunker and Alyssa noticed someone/you putting boards up on your deck.”
“A bunker, it’s like a large bomb shelter… there is an elevator to the hall way to the flights of stairs that lead to the bunker, however to access the hallway I have to have a code and I have to figure it out. Remember my uncle built such things well he has a prototype under the house. It’s semi furnished according to my uncles notes it’s not self sustaining in that it has to have a human inside to keep the growing items alive…Turning the deck into an outdoor garden was part of my uncles plan for the house in general and eventually I will get into that bunker and keep myself from the growing insanity.”
“This house isn’t safe, please Josh can we come and live with you? Maybe we can get to Dan and we can have good times like when we were kids. Please Josh I beg you as a friend. I can’t bear another night of crying with my sister trying to sleep when-”
“You are both welcome to come and live here and if we can get a hold of Dan of course he could stay after all you both are my best friends and Alyssa would have to come.”
“Really!? We could never repay you… I could just give you a big kiss right now!”
“Oh? A Big Kiss you say…”
“Stop it, let’s be serious what do Alyssa and I need to bring?”
“A few pairs of clothes for Alyssa, several more of yours then hers as she will outgrow her own. Any non perishable foods and/or medicines and of course any guns and their ammo are things to bring but there will only be one trip… so whatever you can’t bring I wouldn’t worry about it. Oh and bring some personal affects in a grocery bag each.”
“Okay… And what do you mean personal affects?”
“Laura, you know… pictures/stuffed animal/book/make up… anything non essential but your sentimental towards and can be used to keep you happy… Put supplies in a backpack and carry it in front of you, get a second back pack and carry it on your back then bring a grocery bag in one or both hands. If you and Alyssa can manage this you should be able to bring most of your medicines, some non perishable foods and a good bit of clothes. Get a hold of Dan tell him the situation and what he has to do. Call me back okay… you and Alyssa and Dan will run to my front door and I’ll let you all in.”
“Will you cover us? Or watch us to make sure we can get there?”
 “I’ll be covering with a rifle of course. Go start gathering everything you can and getting your stuff together; we will do this tomorrow if we can. The sooner the better.”
            “Okay! Call you back soon…thank you again Josh this will take a load off my mind”

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