Sunday, September 2, 2012

Rest in Piece[s] O’ Wicked Death

There is an ever more existing array of expanding planes and fields. This Verse was once the only one but it’s becoming more apparent that there may be a plural sense, a multi-verse. Each one watched over and in the grand scheme of things each verse is balanced by a magnitude of force, be it positive or negative. A Balance must exist, that is how nature works; equilibrium. If there were ten verses we could line them on a line chart from planes inherently filled more with negative energy, where as the verses on the other end are filled with more positive energy. In this way natural law keeps the balance, when people die that is the culmination of the system fixing itself. What we fear or preach exists on a far broader scale. It is not a simple notion of three steps; Hell, Earth, and Heaven. It is a far grandeur latter to encompass the natural law. Think of a cycle of rebirth; every time we live a better and more enriched life we move a step up into a brighter more positive verse, if the inverse to the proportion would explain the truth of our life then we take a step down and in a verse with stronger notions of negative energy.

We all started in the center; the balance plane, that verse where both good and evil live proportionally equal. Gaia is the name we would call this verse it has a strong base built in nature, and humans and other sentient beings live peacefully, shakily sometimes, but life is allowed to live. For the individual every choice you make marks you to move up or down at the end of your life in a verse, it is a long term test or scale. As for the Wicked Man of Death, he is neither man nor woman and is not evil but neutral. Death is the vessel in which we the mortal travel up or down the verse scale. We should not fear death but embrace it as a passage, a new beginning. It truly is just another part of our journey and a continuation of that. Death is the gatekeeper and guardian of those passing, not some wicked entity here to harass us. The guardian comes smiling waiting to guides us on, with an arm wrapped around us, we should welcome Death, and be at peace smiling right back.

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