Monday, September 24, 2012

Kazima Lament: In the Midst pt 2.

Circa; The Aftermath
Name:  Zeff Taka & Lady Mayu
Age: 13 / Unknown
Location: Lady Mayu’s Home

                “How is it?” Lady Mayu lifted her cup and sipped a few times from it while staring at me as I ate.
                “It is good, uhm… thank you Lady Mayu.” Shifting in my seat I stared back at her before blushing and looking away. I looked at her again before eating some more. “So Lady Mayu, you said you were going to give me something to protect me from those of my family that seek to end my existence…”
                She sipped from her cup again. “You are welcome young Zeff, and indeed I did say that-“
                “What are you going to teach me? Is it ninjutsu or genjutsu? How will that be parlayed into something I can use? How can it be something that is able to help me stay alive? What can I do to stay breathing until I can prove my innocence!?” I slammed my fists down on the table before clenching my teeth and fists before looking back at Lady Mayu. “Sorry…” I pulled my hands off the table as I looked down.

                “What I am going to give you is not a single ninjutsu or genjutsu, it is not a style of martial arts but simply power. Power of centuries, decades of violent conflict of unending war, year’s amounts of chakra stored for more war.  This power I am going to give you could be used to forever obliterate the Takane village or any village off the map of the world. For good, however.” Lady Mayu folded her hands and sat back as see looked at me.
                “ What does ‘power of centuries, decades of violent conflict of unending wars, and year’s amount of chakra stored’ mean and what is the However?” I shook my head and clenched my fists starting to lose my patience.
                Lady Mayu completely ignored my words and continued “All power comes with a price. You must be willing to pay the price as well as endure the pain that comes with accepting this power. In addition I want you to promise and as part of the price for this power I wish for you to use it for some good. Protect people that I failed to do. Save those that would fall and redeem those that you can. Though just like a Shinobi you will completely be confined to the dark of things…”
                “So I must endure pain… accept the price, as well as your imposed oath. For some power that is old and not currently used…”
                Lady Mayu frowned “ Zeff what I plan to give you is my legacy, my chakra and its knowledge of years long steeped in blood. Take this seriously” Lady Mayu’s face went cold as she stared at me. Shivers crept up my spine as I had to divert my eyes. “Though honestly should you choose to accept the price, and endure the pain and if you regain your sanity.  Once you can fully utilize this power there will be few who can; alone, stop you. Once I do this, I will cease as a major actor on the world.”
                My eyes widened in realization “So I am your… successor? But Lady Mayu you look so young. Why me ma’am as your student?”
                “Despite your flattery I am very old and experienced in the horrors of this world. Some of such horrors you have witnessed, you have been a black sheep on your family’s name and heritage. You know the pain of being alone, you know the pain of loss. Though you are younger than I was when my father was mortally wounded, that is when he passed me his power. Instead of taking the mantle of my name, and protecting those I cared for I fled from all responsibilities and roamed for decades. You are just like I was then. What will you decide? Will you accept this power. And doing so will you crumble in cowardice like I did or will you stand tall even if alone?” Lady Mayu stood up and moved from her chair and walked into the next room leaving me alone.
                All power comes with a price, even still power can be used to… I got out of my seat and followed Lady Mayu. “Lady Mayu, I have decided to accept your assistance and learn this power of which you have spoken.” Lady Mayu nodded in agreement and the held her hand out pointing at a square in front of her.
                “Sit Zeff.”
                I followed her hand gesture and sat before her. “What must I do?”
                “Sit there and wait a minute.” I nodded and following her direction moments before she formed hand seals rapidly and chakra coalesced inside her until it started to seep from her body and slowly envelop her. Lady Mayu motioned me closer as she kneeled down and continued to form hand seals. I noticed her stare as I looked deeply into her eyes noticing her grey eyes started to turn red at her pupils until her grey Iris was completely red just like my own eyes.
                “Kazima no Noroi”   Curse of Kazima  Lady Mayu lunged forward as she opened her mouth and fangs grew as she plunged them into my neck freezing my entire body in its spot. The sharp sting from the bite was overcome as the manifested chakra over her started to envelop me and then enter my body forcefully.  I tried to scream but slight “ah-ah” could escape before I closed one eye and clenched my teeth from the extreme pain.
                Lady Mayu’s teeth were still buried in my neck as the chakra over her continued to transfer into me, blood leaked down my neck as I realized she was drinking my blood as chakra came from her around her and from inside her. I was paralyzed for a few minutes until Lady Mayu pulled away from me blood leaking down from her mouth down her own neck as she started to age before my eyes.
                “Lady…Lady Mayu?” I noticed her go from a young mid-twenty year old to old ragged seventy year old.
                She lifted her cloak from behind herself and quickly wrapped herself hiding her face with her hood. “Worry not about my looks, they will return…” She breathed heavily and spoke in a raspy voice. “Forgive me… and endure.” She slowly walked back out the way we entered.
                 Pain struck me again as the blood leaking out of my neck started to flow back into the wound in excruciating pain, enlarging the bite wound until it covered half my neck. Twitching I screamed out as loud as my voice could unable to do anything as tears quickly streamed.

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