Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt3.

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Mayu Kazima/ Yukari Taka
Age:  ? /19
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

“You’re fond of him aren’t you young Taka.” Lady Mayu smiled again as she slowly walked side by side with Yukari.
Yukari blushed slightly before shaking her head. “No… well maybe a little I have always liked Zeff. He was admirable when we were kids. Always tried help even when the other families didn’t want to have anything to do with him. So I guess I can understand why he is so cold…it’s just I…”
“You wish he was like his childhood self?” Lady Mayu looked down at Yukari as they slowly walked through several arch ways.
“o-of course I do!” Yukari stopped and put her hand to her mouth as she blushed. “Sorry.” She looked down at the floor. “I wish the war that reached our village was ended before it had… Zeff had a hard childhood as it was. Maybe, if only the war had never started or if it happened later and Zeff could have showed is worth, his mettle that…then maybe these events wouldn’t have happened.” Yukari sighs.

“I think, young Taka that everyone thinks like that but life however never goes the way we wished it to go. It is not all sunshine and happiness.  In life there is much sorrow and pain, it is what we do with that sorrow and pain that determines our fates.” Lady Mayu sighs and looks at Yukari. “Your room is here.”  With her hand held out towards the door beside her. The room next to it is a hot spring bath and adjacent to that room is mine. If you have no objections we’ll be eating together.”
“Oh… I see and Zeff-sama? He will not be joining us for dinner?” Yukari bowed and started for the doorway as Lady Mayu slide the room’s door open.
“No, he does not like to eat with others unless it’s unavoidable.” Lady Mayu smiled at Yukari “Dinner will be in about two hours so go relax in the baths.”
Yukari nodded her head and looked down again before entering the room and sliding the door close.

Yukari slips into the hot spring bath, leaving her towel on the floor.
I wonder will Zeff agree to come with us and help… “Zeff did say he believes me and Zenju-sama, we are on his side even if all of our people are not. With the chaos and tidings of war we need his help if it is true of what Master Tenzo Hoga said…

“Zeff may be colder than when you last knew him but on the inside he still harbors for the light and the way of peace. When he came to Sunaomo no Sato he had been cursed by an old acquaintance of mine.” Tenzo looked at Yukari as she sat on her knees.
“Cursed?” Master Zenju played with his long white beard. “In what manner do you men lord Hoga.”
Yukari looked at Zenju-sama and then to Tenzo-sama.
“Do you remember the clan that’s steeped in blood? The Kazima…”
“Kazima? “ Zenju played with his bear some more slowly. “That clan as lore spoke of has long since died out during the first great war. So they still cling in the shadows?”
“Not quite, all but one indeed died out by the end of the first war. She however had survived, as you put it ‘clinging to the shadows’. She kept her distance from the world and events until she found someone much like her former lover.”
“You mean…Zeff?” Yukari blurted out.
Both Tenzo and Zenju looked at her.
“Sorry…” Yukari looked down.
“It’s quite alright, but yes you are correct. She must have watched Zeff from afar and found his heart to be like her old lover. I speak of this because when he came he was still like that. He trained in Sunaomo, lived in Sunaomo and for all intensive purposes was of Sunaomo. You would say he was family. Most of everyone in the village welcomed him. Until.”
“Until?” Yukari and Zenju both speak out,  Yukari clasps her hand  over her mouth as Zenju glances at her.
“Zenju, my old friend you know of the Hoga clan secret? I had decided to allow Zeff to participate in Hoga Clan training. However during the last stage of training something went awry and as such half the village was destroyed. Fortunately even though Zeff didn’t have complete control no one was killed. And yet…”
Zenju looked at Yukari and then glanced at Tenzo.


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