Saturday, October 6, 2012

FR: You Can't Be A Hero

~Let Us Knight’s Handle This!~

*A giant Purple eyed, Pink Dragon Swoops down upon a small village causing havoc. Several Knights have been tracking this Dragon for Days*

Knight:  We have found the cursed Dragon! Quick it’s assaulting that defenseless village! *Several Knights saddle up and ride towards the Village, Leaving another fellow Knight and an Ornate Knight behind*

*The Hero carrying his overly large sword steps forward to the Ornate Knight*

Hiro: I wish to help; I hate to see innocents get hurt…

Knight Captain (Ornate Knight): You Can’t help. You will only get in the way.

H: Then I will do it alone if I must! *Hiro, the Hero sets off towards the village*

KC: No! Wait! *The Ornate Knight holds out his hand*

H: Why are you stopping me!?

KC: You can’t go alone you have no training! Don’t you know there isn’t any Hero’s any more kid that’s just fairy tales and bed time stories!

H: If there are no Hero’s in the world then what is there? 

KC: Knight’s, Soldiers, Mage’s, and Non-combatants! Let us fearless Knight’s handle the dragon! *The Knight and the Ornate Knight put their fists to their chests*

H: So why can’t I help?

K: Look, we appreciate the offer. It is just that well you’re scrawny and there’s no way you could swing that sword! You’re a wanderer not a Soldier or a Knight or a Mage.

*Both the Knight and The Ornate Knight (Knight Captain) Climb onto their horses and ride to the Village*

                                                                *Skips Ahead, Finally the Hero; Hiro, arrives at the village*

KC: Oh Great Hero! Please Help Us! If you don’t all of my men will surely Perish!

H: *Rolls Eyes*

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