Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kazima Lament: Desert Castle pt.2

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima/ Yukari Taka & Hataya Taka
Age: 23/19 & 25
Location: Shiro Sabaku no Kazima/ Kazima Desert Castle

Zeff pulls out a knife. “I need the top of your arm…”
“Run Yukari-sama… don’t trust him…” Hataya tries to crawl closer and then collapses in a heap of pants.
Yukari frowns at Hataya and stares into Zeff’s eyes. “You have to cut my arm…?” Zeff unsheathes the small blade.
Yukari thinks shifting her eyes back and forth. “For pain?”
Zeff raises an eyebrow looking at Yukari. “No for your blood, Yukari-chan. While pain can be used to see if one is lying that is not the purpose here. I have a better method.” Zeff raises Yukari’s arm up as she slowly lets him do so. Zeff pauses after pressing the blade into her skin and looks at her. “Torturing is not what I am into…”

Liar. Hataya clenches his fists as he watches Zeff slide the blade across Yukari’s arm making her wince as the blade slices the layers of her skin as blood immediately starts to drip from the blade.
Minor pain flushes across Yukari’s face. “Now…now what?”
“Now a taste… to see if what you are trying to sell is true.”
“It is true! Drink and see for yourself!” Yukari thrusts her arm towards his face as her face has become flustered tinged in red.
“Alright.” Zeff takes a hold of her arm and softly presses his lips upon the cut and softly drinks the dripping blood. Yukari slightly winces again. Minutes pass.
“I see so old man Zenju really said he thinks I am innocent.” Zeff lets go of Yukari’s arm softly. “As do you Yukari-chan.” Damn Tenzo-sama…
Zeff gasps out as his face goes from neutral to in pain.
“Why would Zenju-sama believe you’re innocent? You are wrong…” Hataya breathes harder as he holds onto a kunai shoved into the back of Zeff.
“What have you done Hataya? Zenju-sama wanted Zeff to become an ally. Our elder truly believes he is innocent and that the man who killed Zeff’s parents also happens to be a mysterious man named Kamui, who has been stirring up war to the north you know that!” Yukari reaches out for Zeff.
“It’s fine Yukari. Hataya could never kill me in a thousand years. After all he is just a coward. Just like his parents.” Zeff smirked coldly.
“Tch, says the man who has a kunai in his back. It seems you need more punishing before you die!” Hataya grunts as he pulls the kunai out and goes to strike again. Zeff’s body collapses in on itself and turns into a liquid as it drops into pools on the floor.
“Where is he..? What did you do Hataya!?” Yukari looks around frantically then stares at the pools on the floor.
Hataya looks around and holds up the kunai while pulling his other hand up in a guarded stance. Mizu Bunshin Water Clone? No, Zeff can’t use the water element. Hataya looks down at the pools on the floor before slide his padded foot in it. A Ketsueki Bunshin… a Blood Clone “How original…”
“What Hataya-san? What’s original?” Yukari tilted her head glaring at Hataya.
“It was a Bunshin, made from blood.” Just look at the pools, it’s not water, it can’t be because Zeff can’t use water like the rest of us Taka’s, he could have used Kage Bunshin Shadow Clone.
“But if it was a Kage Bunshin it would have faded the minute or a minute after you stabbed Zeff…” Yukari frowns again at Hataya.
“Like I said, just a coward like the rest of his family”
Hataya and Yukari both look at the throne while Zeff stares at the two of them his head resting on his hand. “I am surprised Yukari-chan that you didn’t notice me sitting here sooner, not so… with Hataya.” Zeff glared more at his older cousin.
“Shut up you worthless piece of-“
Yukari slams her fist into Hataya’s side. “Hataya! Enough! We’ve come here to ask for help and because of your reckless actions three others are incapacitated. You are no match for Zeff. Suck up and knock it off.” Yukari glares at Hataya.
“Oh?” Zeff tilts his head and switches hands resting his head looking intently on his guests.
“Yes Yukari-sama” Hataya rubs his side as he stares at Zeff. Before grudgingly going over to the three others to get them back on their feet.  Yukari watches Hataya before moving closer to Zeff and bowing.
With her head still looking out the ground, “Please Zeff-sama forgive them, forgive us. Hataya’s and the other’s actions do not reflect the intentions of mine or of Zenju-sama’s or that of the good will…”
Zeff holds up his hand. “Yukari-chan, you and yours are welcome to stay the night and recover” Zeff grins lightly. “I will decided tonight and give you my final answer tomorrow.” Zeff glances off to the side before nodding as Yukari stands upright and watches.
 A man appears from behind a pillar and walks towards Hataya and the regained conscious Taka men. He holds up his hand abruptly as Hataya goes to pull out a kunai again. “Wait, I am Raito Wakahisa a distant relative to the Taka allied clan; Hoga. Please follow me I will show you to your rooms.”  Raito held out his hand and pointed down a hall and then started walking away.
Hataya looked at Yukari before she nodded and the men followed Raito. Minutes went by before an older female with grey eyes appears from behind Zeff.
“Greetings I’m Lady Mayu, I will take you to your room young Yukari Taka. Don’t worry it is quite safe and away from the men, Zeff included. It comes with its own spring bath. Relax and I will bring you food.” Lady Mayu smiles and waves for Yukari to follow her down a corridor. Yukari bows again to Zeff before running after the Lady.
Yukari looks back slightly towards Zeff blushing before turning back forward and reaching Lady Mayu.

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