Friday, August 24, 2012

TFoTT: Part 5

"There are six minor Kingdoms in the world. There is the Principality of Aire, east of Nilam and Geir, there is the Principality of Habek which resides in the center of the World and there is the Principality of Annon which is west of the Kingdom of Geir and south of the Kingdom of Vidarr. These three Kingdoms operate in various manners and are collections of smaller city states or Kingdoms.
The remaining three Kingdoms are thought to be complete Kingdoms and not much is known about them they are typically referred to as the Jungle Kingdoms, and their lands as the Jungle Lands. The Maultak Mountain range blocks land travel to the three Jungle Kingdoms, and the ocean around the Kingdoms are too shallow for the majority of the ships from the Northern seven Kingdoms."  
-     -     Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

“So why are you here?” looking side to side to realize there is only him, Captain Zelm and the bartender before letting go of Zelm’s collar.

“Celebrating of course!” Zelm fixed his collar with a grin brimming.

“And lunch as well right Captain?”

“Yes you are right, as well as getting lunch. I suggest you sit down with me Captain Sho, enjoy some lunch with me.” Zelm waves and points at the turkey he has and the drink and then points to Sho before the bartender nods his head walking down the bar. “We have things to talk about.”

He sighs and grudgingly takes a seat next to Zelm. “Why are you celebrating…” looking around he notices the two knights on the outside with the

“It’s simple Captain I… I mean we are celebrating the fact that Nilam has been chosen to host the Tournament. And it has been chosen to start right after the festival, in essence even more work, planning, policing, guarding and etc.”

“Wait the tournament is happening in Nilam!? That isn’t all that long from now that’s what… a week we only have a week to get ready for the tournament and we have a festival on top of that what was that council thinking?”

“It gets better.” Zelm took a large gulp finishing his mug as he looked at Sho before he turned it upside down.

“How can it get any better, seriously Zelm?” Sho looks to the side as the bartender returns with a plate of food and two new filled mugs taken Zelm’s empty one.

“You’re being forced off duty temporarily until the tournament, at which time… you, I and Skye will all be competing for Nilam.” Zelm taking a sip looks at Sho and then gulps down some more.

“You don’t have the authority to keep me from my duty! So on who’s authority am I being relieved of duty and who is my temporary replacement!?” Zelm remains silent as Sho slams his fist onto the table. He huffs and then looks away from Zelm and thanks the bartender and bites into the turkey.
“On the authority of the King of course, though it is more of a cover than anything else, as for your temporary replacement that would be Hana, your 1st lieutenant unless she participates in the tournament then it reverts to your 2nd lieutenant, Ren. We will be involved with the tournament and defensive setups but only on basis and at discretion by the King; it’s all here in ink, take a look if you don’t believe me.” Zelm tosses a scroll to Sho.

“Yeah, yeah… I don’t like this…” patting the scroll on the table he takes a large gulp from the mug.

“It will just be like last time… the good days” Zelm holds his half filled mug up.

“To the good days…” knocking his mug into Zelm’s before sighing and drinking another large gulp.”


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