Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Fate of Three Trees pt.1

                The Fate of Three Trees
                            By B.T. Smith

“To cease major hostilities and keep fighters and warriors the world over from causing mass havoc after the last major war a martial foundation was created. The foundation crossing as many border or boundaries it could decided the best action was to hold a tournament once every five years .Tournament entrance was welcome to any of age persons, regardless of sex, or style as it was meant to release violent energies and to show pride of  the Kingdoms.”
-         Tournament Article de Historical (1042).
“The warriors compete to measure their fighting skills, their fighting spirit and their pride. Four active kingdoms host the tournament switching location, and holding festivals unique to each kingdom; bringing unique interpretations.  The combat is fierce as most means are allowed (including metal weapons), deaths have occurred from these tournaments so do not enter unless you and yours are prepared…” 
-          Sage Danno, adviser to the Nilam Kingdom.


“But sir, that isn’t fair why can’t you give yourself off!?” a young female officer fiddled with her long black hair, as her pleading jade eyes looked at her commander. Their hair whisked and bounced upon the banded metal plates of their armor as they stood on one of the palisade walls of the great capital city; Nilam.
 The man’s hand held to his chest plate over his heart. “Because Lieutenant Hana, Captain of the Guard isn’t just some simple title given to me due to my family’s heritage.” The captain shows his irritation as he looks out into the city, at the marketplace a hundred yards away and then the castle in the background. “It is and always will be an important position; the guard protects not only the royal family but all of the citizens within this walled city.” He turns to his Lieutenant. “Do not forget your duty, and as captain I must continue that sacred duty” he coughs to the side then looks back at her pale face before continuing, “while the majority of you have been allowed to be at the festival, free of any responsibilities, so that is why I will not give myself off. Understand Lieutenant?”
Hana looks off to the side with a small frown on her face, as she continues to fiddle with her hair before putting a clenched hand to her chest and bowing her head down. “I understand… sir.”
“Is that all Lieutenant or do you have something to report?” he turns back around and looks out from the palisade towards the road and the lake nearby.
“No that was it for me, though Captain Zelm did wish to speak with you he said he’d be at the Blue Moon, sir.” She spoke softly as she looked off to the side.
“The Blue Moon, he’s at a bar, ugh he should be out doing his job or at the very least be at the barracks or the castle.” The captain grabs his face and runs one hand back into his hair “I swear I think if he wasn’t a friend he wouldn’t drive me so… so crazy.” The captain nods to himself after looking over the lakeside road. “Very well if that is all Lieutenant get back to your post.” Hana saluted and bowed as before and then walked away. The shimmering water of the lake kept his stare.


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