Monday, August 20, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Two

                                          3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                               Day: Two

Twenty days ago we had a mild earthquake. By mild I mean catastrophic for the east coast. I believe it was a magnitude 7 or maybe something tuned down to a 6. Regardless it was an event that happens once every 120 years give or take a year.  The significance of the earthquake only now opens my own ignorant eyes.
            It’s only now Day 2 and some of the channels on the TV still work as others just give out an annoying noise and replay the same federal or state warning. The TV channels that still work show scenes of chaos and violence. Shambling; awkward movements by the beings that were once human assault positions of the Living. The clips always cutoff before you visually see the fate of the news men and woman reporting, the civilians barred in civilian buildings and the National Guardsmen fighting off the undead.

                Around my house and the houses nearby and their farms it seemed like an almost typical Saturday despite the silence surrounding us and the chaos in the cities to the south and north. I must admit I couldn’t sleep at all with what was going on so the entire earlier hours of the morning I spent scrounging all the supplies from the main garage (it’s adjacent to the house so it’s connected).
            It took hours pulling the supplies up onto the second floor. My uncle was a serious survival nut; in fact he worked as a top level employee and co-founder of one of the world’s premier specialty survival companies: SurviCorp. I know there are a few cases of SurviCorp items in the furnished attic room and several more in the basement.
                I’m too tired to try and move more, once I get everything from the basement and first floor, I’ll have all the supplies I can get and the last thing is to destroy the steps from the first floor to the second and the steps from the backyard to the porch.
                Items picked up from garage:

                1-Toolbox with standard tools.
1-Coffee Can with 3,000 9” Nails.
4-37.85 Liter (10 Gallons) Water Jugs Filled.
4-37.85 Liter (10 Gallons) Water Jugs Empty.
1-12 can case of Corn.
1-12 can case of Peas.
2- 12 can cases of Tomato Soup.
2-36 can cases of Cola (Soda).
2-24 bottle cases of .5 liters of bottled water.
1-100 feet of nylon rope.
2-10 feet by 10 feet nylon tarps.
1-75 feet of twine.
1-Pre-Built Pedal Operated Generator.
                1-Box of spare parts, enough to build 2 more Pedal Operated Generators.
                2-Car Batteries (two from the three vehicles).
                20- 2 cubic feet of soil Bags. (Placed into the work in progress Guest room).

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