Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3-6-5 Hell on Earth: Day Three

               3-6-5 Hell on Earth

Joshua S.                         Day: Three
                Thirteen days ago several miners that were trapped in the state of Virginia due to the earthquake were released.  Of which 3 were found dead, and the other four were acting very strange. What was reported was that one of the four that was ill attacked by clawing and biting several of the rescuers present. Everything else was blacked out in the media. Despite warnings by the C.D.C. of the potential outbreak of serious viruses that could lead to epidemics causing apocalyptic scenarios and their prevention; this event is what I call the genesis of the outbreak. 

The game plan is to hole up into the attic room, considering the fact the hottest it gets is close to 80 degrees in the summer it also has both a ladder that can be closed and a door beyond the ladder that can be locked.
By the time the sun had started to shine down upon my uncle’s house on the third day I had realized that my uncle was beyond paranoid. His home was a veritable fortress, easily turned into such a place.  By the end of midday when the sun started to head down I had more than quadrupled the supplies on the second floor, all of which I would move into the attic room when the first floor was cleared out.
I had gotten even more can foods, jugs of water, bottled drinks and can drinks. The food that added of more interest was the several containers of smoked and salted meats. Blankets, extra clothes for the winter, as well as several SurviCorp Boxes of which contain all sorts of things such as medicine, water purifiers, equipment and tools, food of their own and other things. The last thing I pulled up was a bin full of seed packets of herb and vegetables.
After moving all those supplies I am sore but not done. I moved all the fiberboard and wood pieces out to the deck and started nailing them to it. I was a little worried about the noise but not by too much the remoteness of the area gave me a small sense of security even if it was fleeting.

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