Friday, August 31, 2012

A Day Before

The skies grow dark; their feelings go numb and all he sees is his failure again. Bringing him back to the days of his past, and wishing things were the way they use to be. When light use to shine right down on his head. But now it is nothing but darkness that hovers over him.Trapped in this cold reality and lost to his frailty he struggles to get free. Yet his stubbornness will not allow him to give up so easily...

         ... All he does is suffer inside and all you can say is go away? The faith you once had in him has decayed and withered. Whats left of him is nothing; more or less a shell, a sad fragment of what he use to be. A simple stalk of a being. And still you say there is nothing you can do to help him? Just get over your selfish feelings and give him that chance.

            Let him pick up his shattered broken self, and you will see, you can love him once more. Put faith in him again. Know that he cares for you even now when all you do is shoot him down. He is dragged further and further from sanity, each day you deny him a hand. To him it is just like the day before...

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