Saturday, August 11, 2012

Silent Song of Misery

You have everything
You have whatever there is in needs.
You have those around you,
and those fire filled Dreams.

But what the fuck is there for me?
There is nothing here.
Could I feel the same?
Not when you're to blame...

You have everything.
You have whatever there is in needs.
Your desires met, yet you keep so many around you.
All I want is just you...
Yet there I am again by your bonfire still cold
I just wanted you to know.

A smile sweet, your words forked dripped with honey.
All I can do is watch and worry.
Then Again you have Everything.
I hold a heart long lost in emptiness, with nothing.

While they all sing and dance around your flames.
None of them can realize your a Demon in Human form
Bleeding them of life and value.
One day they will come to need you as I do.

They too will wish you were only theirs
A sadness and tragedy boils out from the ashes.
Enraged from the memories of promises,
now long past deceived.

Now you have Nothing
Now You need everything in want.
All those around have left,
When your depravity falls into view.
No longer hidden by your poisonous masks.

And what the fuck is left for me?
and yet those fire filled dreams return to me.
Everything you once worked to create, a kingdom of hedonism.
Gone and crumbled into the cold embers.

Now you have Nothing
Now You need everything in want.
Now you're the one waiting alone,
wishing you had kept the promises made so long ago.
Now I don't need you.


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Silent Song of Misery
DSC/ Zeff Kazima/ B.T. Smith

©2012 ~ZeffKazima

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