Saturday, August 18, 2012

TFoTT Part 3

 "Tullia is the Northern most Kingdom as well as the smallest between the four major Kingdoms. It is a heavily mountainous and forested region, which only holds two seasons spring and winter. Because of the longer winters the people tend to be hardier and hold less numbers per towns and cities that even women go on hunts, assist with farming and even War when needed..."
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

“Sir is it true, Nilam is hosting the tournament? And we only have little over a week to prepare?” the man that just question stood their silently as other advisers shifted waiting for the Lead General or the King to speak.
“Why yes it’s true and that’s being announced to the public later today, but why would that be a concern?” The Lead General looked to the King and then back at adviser Skye.

“Well why would the committee stall its decision? Tullia was the last Kingdom to host the tournament so their kingdom is out as a choice, Vidarr has been having border skirmishes with the Principality of Annon so for them to host it would a possible disaster. As for Geir they have been hit hard in droughts so food is scarce in large enough quantities; even if they have been getting aid from Vidarr. There is only one other choice besides Nilam.” The other advisers shifted again a few of them murmuring beside one another.
“What is this other choice besides Nilam and what is the point of all this Skye?” The King bellowed out his words loud enough for everyone to hear and be silent.
Skye bowed “The other is the Principality of Aire to our east my King, they have been in the last ten Tournaments, though I doubt the commission considered it; no. The problem I see is with the delay, our Kingdom is the only choice and everyone knew that so again why the delay? There have been only minimal reports of actual drought in Geir, and Vidarr has been more aggressive… Seeing as Tullia voted for our nation months ago, and we submitted to be the official Kingdom a week or so after Tullia voted for us it makes me cautious about Geir and Vidarr-”
“What’s your point Adviser Skye? Or do you have none but delusions and fears” Adviser Chez balked at Skye and his points and what he was insinuating. The other advisers and even some of the generals just looked at Skye as Skye in turn was looking only to the King and the Lead General. Chez snarled and glared at Skye and yet he did nothing.
“Calm yourself Adviser Chez, Skye has the right to speak out he has never been wrong and is a valuable Strategic mind within the Kingdom even if he is young” The King speaks out making some of the generals and advisers nod.
“Thank you your highness,” Skye coughs lightly “My point is why they would wait; why would they want such a short period for us to be able to get ready? Because it is a big open area of chaos, people have to be taking away from their typical jobs to make up for the difference, I am simply suggesting it could be used to see if there is any weak spots in our defense. Though the Kingdoms have been peaceful for over ninety years, everything changes with time. I suggest we least keep this in the back of our minds.” Skye bowed again and then took a step back as the generals and advisers murmured before breaking out into arguments amongst themselves.


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