Wednesday, August 15, 2012

TFoTT part 2

“Nilam, the capital city of the Nilam kingdom, is most notable for its blue hues, to the point its roofs are shingled in blue painted wood pieces. The Nilam Kingdom works in artisan dyes, pigments, blue-gray clay and wine all exported to other kingdoms. The cloth accompanied on its knights and warriors are dyed blue from the flowers Saphil, of which the fruits are made into a blue tinged wine…”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

“Aye, another one” a shouted request goes off in a quieter break of the Inn as a
“Captain shouldn’t you not be drinking?” the bartender asked him as he was beginning to pour another.

“Its lunch time, why is it a problem that I am partaking in what you sell? And supporting one of our wonderful tavern & inn’s is a good thing, or am I wrong?” He grabbed the poured mug, toasted it to the bartender and then drank some of the alcoholic fluid before taking a bite out of a turkey drumstick.
The bartender frowned “Well no sir, it is an honor that a captain of Nilam would so openly support an old local heritage owned establishment. However, aren’t you on duty?” the bartender fell silent as Zelm glanced from his mug.
Putting his mug down and still staring at the bar keep he finally sighed “yes I am here on duty but also on business. It seems we will be tripling the order if your brothers’ farm can deliver.”
“Triple, tripling!? Why so much alcohol Captain?” The barkeeps eyes shifted as his hands started to wash glasses. “If you don’t mind my curiosity of course?”
“Be careful keep, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ as they say…” Zelm bit some meat from the turkey. Chewing a moment “But, to be honest it’s been revealed the festival is the beginning and it ends with the tournament… Nilam was chosen as host to the tournament. An honor to be sure but considering it wasn’t official till now it makes the festival all that much more the attention of everyone in the Kingdom.”
“The tournament!? We might as well quadruple the order if that’s the case Captain! Or the very least minimize the shipments out of the Kingdom…” the bartender trails off as he frowns looking at the glasses he still has to clean before the evening. “So any other business you have Captain Zelm? Would you like another turkey drum or?”
“Business yes I do… as for anything else might as well carve up the turkey and bring some more” Zelm softly taps the mug…
The door to the tavern opened and heavy steps landed into the floor getting louder and louder coming to the bar.
“Good day sir how can I help you…” the bartender looked up to see who he was greeting “Oh, Captain…”
The barging captain reached the bar before grabbing and pulling Zelm from his seat as his hand gripped his collar.
“Why are you at the bar Captain Zelm!”


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