Monday, August 27, 2012

Kazima Lament: Backstory

Circa; The Last Great Ninja War
Name:  Zeff Taka
Age: 13

                The Last Great Ninja War pitted previously peaceful Ninja clans, villages and even countries against one another. The title of the war as such is a misnomer as many non -ninja units took to the fields and the war devastated all manners of classes and ranks. When the war came to the small Takane village it like everywhere else brought destruction and sorrow in its wake.  During this time Zeff, who had recently been indoctrinated as a ranked ninja into the family school of nin-jitsu. However having been in training for only a few years he was relegated to protecting the non-combatants of the village.
                Zeff having left the shelter after hearing his mother scream he returned to his family’s house to find tit half destroyed and his mother and father in shambles. Their blood was everywhere when the fire in his home broke out and he left the building in a daze then wandered out of the village. Days went by and the villagers assumed he was dead but after cleaning up and burning all the bodies his was nowhere to be found. They placed the blame on Zeff; already a black sheep of the family and considered him  traitor and marked him to be hunted and killed for killing his parents.

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