Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TFoTT Part 4

"Geir is the Kingdom of spears, and have traded many of their crafted weapons throughout the Kingdoms. Situated south of the Kingdom of Nilam, many of their lands are in a temperate zone holding a tree that only resides there in vast quantity. The Bamaroo Tree’s wood when processed make flexible and strong spears and staffs unlike any other kind of wood used."  
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (959).

Meanwhile Captain Sho and Zelm had gotten through their altercation and had started to celebrate the news of the Tournament… Elsewhere;

She entered her barracks room passing her roommate wandering slowly to her T-stand dragging herself over.
“So what did the Captain say Hana?” her fellow female knight was brushing her long brunette hair while looking at Hana through a small mirror. “Hana?”
Sighing she placed her knight’s helm off to the side and started taking her banded chest plates off placing them on the stand before resting her helm above it. Looking down she remained quiet as her back stood to her roommate and friend. “He said no, as he has to stay on duty…” turning her head she smiled to look at her roommate.
“I am so sorry dear Hana-“
“I don’t know why I continue to try…” she continued to taking off her armor as her smile faded as she looked at the shininess of her armor. “He’ll be on duty and that means the princess will take him away…” she sighs heavily again as her lips curl into a frown.
Mai rolls her eyes “why don’t you hand around the Captain then? Spend your free time with him, just because he is on duty doesn’t mean he can’t eat or at the very least allow you to stay by him… after all that’s what I intend to do with Captain Zelm”
            “Wait… what!? You and Captain Zelm are a thing now…” she trailed off and frowned and collapsed on the spot. “That’s so not fair… how come I can’t get Sho to notice me but you can get Zelm to notice you?” she starts to pout in her frown.
            Mai continued to brush her hair before letting it fall down. “Well Zelm and I are old friends… we’re perfect for one another. Just like I think you and Sho would be great together he just is distracted by his duty…”
            “He does get too distracted, and I understand duty is important shouldn’t he not forsake his life so easily to it?” rubbing her face she looked up at Mai.
            “I at least agree with you there he needs his own life and not one exactly like his father’s after all it was just him and his father since his mother died at such a young age. No I am completely certain he will see you one day. He will see you for the pale skinned, raven haired, and super intelligent beauty that you are.”
            Great, he will see me one day… I want him to see me now...

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