Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gomen Naisai And ELLO!

So I was suppose to post the next part of Kazima Lament... like 2 weeks or so ago...

However Fate it seems has deterred me and also seems to have hit me with some good ole' "attention deficit distractions".

To be honest it seems like a Ninja has squandered away with my KL Journal and disappeared.  I can't for the life of me find it where it should be (obviously). So until I find it i can't really continue it,  so I'm stuck and its lame but I'll find it.
On a side not of the A.D.Distractions I have two to speak of as prominent if I haven't done so already outside of this post.
#1- Tear of Avandi-R

    Based off its'  failed predecessor  Toa  (Tear of Avandia) which got scrapped when half of the data was destroyed/lost or corrupted.

     ToA-R is a a Japanese style RPG that's run with a  RPGM VX Ace Engine with 8-bitesque graphics. Essentially going for a indie, old style game. This is a collaboration piece with 90% of the work falling on me as of current time.

    Lead Design/Lead Writer/Mapping Artist: Me
    Co/Minor Writer: John S.

    Special Thanks: Michael I. & Matt K. 

#2- The 'Sister' Blog of this one:

Drunken Procrastinating Gamers

DPGer's is A blog of Reviews/Rants/What have you's in regards to Games/Gamer aspect/ Styles... etc etc etc...

Co-Written: Me, My Brother, and My Friend John S.


*@+#$* Guarantee some creative work will be posted here within the next two days of 6/12/13 *@+#$*

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