Wednesday, April 10, 2013

TFoTT: Part 10

“In the south of the continent beyond the Red Tipped Mountains there are three nations which share the entirety of what is commonly referred to as The Jungle lands. Two of the three nations are simple groupings of large tribes kept together by the strongest tribe leader. The third however rules over its people much like a northern nation. It is organized and follows the whims of its Queen leader. Despite the third being a Queendom, the Jungle Lands are thought to be less civilized and less advanced than the Seven Northern Nations. It is known that a majority of the tools and weapons used are made from Bone, Stone, and Wood. ”
-          Kingdom Article de Historical (917).

“Did you hear?” Mai lightly tapped and pressed onto Hana’s shoulders trying to stir her from rest.
“Wha, huh? I’m up… I’m” Hana yawns while rubbing her eyes, “…awake.” Hana moves around under the sheets “Who did what now?”

“No, no Hana, did you hear!?”

“Enlighten me Mai, what did I miss while trying to get some rest. What is so important that I need to be brought back to this world so soon?”

Mai frowns. “Grumpy much… Anyways the Princess has signed up for the tournament!!!”

“She did what!?” Hana slips out from under her sheets onto the cold stone floor lightly whimpering before she starts to walk over to a nearby window.

“Everyone’s in an up roar and many people are speculating it’s so she can be close to Captain Sho. Isn’t this exciting? A princess of one of the four Kingdoms hasn’t participated in the Tournament in decades, some say since the inception of the Tournament itself!”

“This is terrible! Now I must sign up… if anything were to happen to the Princess, Sho would never speak to me…”

“Right… you’re going to sign up so you can protect her. Not so, you know you can be closer to Sho or anything like that. No I totally hear you Hana that sounds like a perfect idea.”

“Shut up, I’m being serious.”

“It’s not wise to be so serious in the morning, least that’s what Captain Zelm always says.”

“Your Captain Zelm has it much easier than Captain Sho and you know it, that’s why he can be so carefree.”

“So not true…”

“Then why does Captain Sho always lead raids against bandits when that falls under the command of Captain Zelm and his Internal Affairs Forces.”

Mai sighs “Because captain Sho is a busy-body he always has to be doing something, something must always be up. He never rests nor let the unjust rest.”

Hana watches as guardsmen run around on the barracks parapet pointing out towards the city gates. “I guess I have to give you that one he doesn’t suffer the wicked to live. But I must go and do my duty.”

“Which one?”

“To this Kingdom… to the Royal Family, to the Princess, to Captain Sho, to myself… take your pick but either way I’ve decided… I’m going to sign up as well.”

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