Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kazima Lament: Beeru no Mori pt.1

Circa, 10 years after the war
Name: Zeff Kazima/ Hatsumi Kimura
Age: 23/18
Location:  Beeru no Mori pt.1
Hatsumi tilted her head as we ran along the ground. “So we are going to help them Zeff-Sama?” Hatsumi barely caught herself from tripping rolling and jumping to her feet continuing the run a smidge behind me.
“Pay attention to what you are doing Hatsumi. As for helping them, we will wait and see. The very least we can do is run after Tenzo and his Jonin. His people could be running head long into a trap for all I know. We’re jumping to the trees and moving up from there it will mask our approach.”
“Wait, a trap set by the Taka’s?”  Hatsumi followed me up into the trees before stumbling again only to catch herself onto a limb.

“Quite goofing off, that’s your imagination talking and causing you to not pay attention. I would find it hard to believe that they would stoop so low as to feign attack only to turn around and slaughter their long term allies but then again it has happened before Hatsumi.” Jumping from limb to limb the woods surrounding us began to grow quiet.
“That’s horrible, attacking friends like that.” Hatsumi jumped and leaped until she was back beside me in our stride.
“Hatsumi… you of all people should know better. Most people aren’t your friends… There is always someone who sees others as pure objects or tools.” Looking over at her Hatsumi looks down while not missing a step or a branch grab.
“Tools that are abused and used until they grow dull and sentenced to death or thrown into the garbage, discarded broken dolls... This world has many.” Hatsumi and I continued to advance through the trees with Hatsumi staring ahead quietly before stopping abruptly.
Softly Hatsumi let out a murmur “Would you just discard me like that if I lost my usefulness?”
“Now’s not the time for this, we must continue on.” I turned back around.
“Please Zeff-Sama; I need to know the truth.
I sighed heavily. “You are a Kazima; you’ll always be useful to me Hatsumi.”
“Really!?” In an instant Hatsumi went from Gloom to her normally hyper self.
“Yes really now…”  Murderous Intent… “Hatsumi move!”
I rushed along the limb I was upon before leaping and griping Hatsumi by the waist before jumping to a new limb mere seconds before kunai and throwing stars landed in the direct spot she stood. That intent is gone…. Did they leave that quickly? “Are you alright Hatsumi?”
Hatsumi nodded as she stared into my cold greyed eyes where the blood red had recede to just the fringe of the pupil. “Your eyes… “
“You know they do that” Hatsumi nodded again. “It’s time for you to use your gift Hatsumi”
“Yes, Zeff-Sama” Hatsumi dropped to the ground and started to perform hand seals as her wraps that covered most of her body unfurled. “Will you watch over me?”
“Of course”
Hatsumi’s uncovered body was colored black like writers ink. It began to spread upwards engulfing her face her lips and eyes remained shut as she continued to form seals. She outstretched her hands before her skin turned to ink; in her left hand formed a black hawk and in the right hand formed a black ferret.
“Master what is that constant flickering of heat?”
Grumbling lightly I looked around before answering “Fire, Hatsumi. The fighting is close, send the Hawk back to Shiro Sabaku request that Raito and Tsumi come. The Ferret send towards the fire and find Tenzo-Sama, Yumena or the Enemy.”
“Yes, Zeff-Sama” She sealed her lips which washed over with ink as the Hawk and Ferret departed. I took a step back taking a kunai out and cutting my palm…

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